This trip had been in the planning for quite some time and after lots of discussion with Eric the Owner we finally had everything in place. I picked up the key from his on Tue 27 Feb 18 and the trip went from a plan to a reality.

Thu 01 Mar 18 saw me (Budds), John (Superjacs) and Lesley (Mrs Superjac) depart my place at approximately 1315 for the property. We stopped at the Gull in Karagullen (why is Diesel so much cheaper in the country and the offer the RAC discount). Before continuing on to Austrax. We arrived at the property at about 1500. As we drove into the property we caught glimpses of the 4WD track. The drive in meanders through the middle of the property until you reach the camp amenities that consist of a big shed (no Access), two, four bedroom dongas and the camp kitchen. These are set up in a big square providing a large...

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WPC 10th Birthday Bash - Kings Park 11th Feb 2018
Well Ladies and Gents,

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all who came along to make the day a success. We had a good mix of past and present and there were numerous interactions between both groups.

I would like to thank Andrew (AB) for being our Victualler for the day, I know how much work it takes to run around and get all the victuals.
I would like to thank John & Lesley (Superjacs and Mrs Superjac) for their efforts with setup.
I would like to thank the BBQ Boys: Greg (Jonesy), Iaian (Iffy), Aaron (Fish), John (Superjacs).
Although she wasn't able to attend Tracey (Stokersgirl) for arranging the wonderful cake.

I would like to thank all of the committee for their help in making the day successful.

If this was any indication of what we can achieve as a group then we are in a good place.

Thank you to those who attended and I hope to see you all at the camping weekend at Brookton.

If you ...

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WPC Christmas Party - Whiteman Park
Well Ladies and Gents,

The 2017 WPC Christmas Party was held on Sat 9th Dec 17. The weather gods were kind to us in that we had a cool breeze and some passing showers.

We only had a small turn out however I am hoping that everyone had fun. Santa showed up around 1300 although his Awesome Elf was unable to attend this year as he was back at the workshop busy making toys.

We feasted on burgers and that great Aussie staple a sausage sizzle. and sat around telling tall stories.

I hope all who attended enjoyed themselves. The looks on the kids faces when Santa shows up is priceless.

I think we might do a beach one next year.

Merry Christmas


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2017 - WPC Meet & Greet - Whitehills to Preston Beach
I don't know who got the Trip Report as I was the first one there. But I would like to take this opportunity to say that the site of 16 (I think) Patrols thundering down old coast road and then along the beach mad for a pretty impressive sight.

I would like to thank Ropes and Stokersgirl for leading the trip and for all the work they put in to making this trip happen. I would also like to thank Dman and his lovely wife (Meg whom we all met for the first time) for being Tail End Charlie.

To all of the current members thank you for taking the time to come out to welcome prospective new members to the club and for a awesome drive along the beach.

To all of the Newbies who were able to come along thank you for participating and on behalf of the club I hope that you all contemplate becoming members. It was great to see so many new faces and to look at some of the possible new additions to the club.

This trip was an awesome day out the weather god...

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Todays Meet & Greet
Im not sure where to post this so please let me know if its in the wrong spot!

Thank you WPC for a great day today. It was great to meet everyone and both Steve & I (and kids!) had an awesome day. Its given Steve lots of ideas for our little GQ. He better start saving  ;D

I ended up with some great photos- but have no idea about forums or how to add photos, so I started a group page on Facebook which is closed to public(non members) as the photos show license plates details. I dont like that sort of thing on a public page so I just started this one so members can see todays photos and copy them.
If management tell me the page is a no-no then I will close it.

Search facebook for - WPC Trips & Adventures.

Dee :)

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