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Author Topic: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008  (Read 9603 times)

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Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
« on: 22 June, 2008, 09:25:13 PM »
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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
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thats just a small selection of the 869 photos JMC - Talons took today!!!


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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
« Reply #4 on: 23 June, 2008, 09:53:09 AM »
Great photos to bad i was at work and missed this trip  :(
The area around harvey and brunswick is awsome for 4wheeling.



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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
« Reply #5 on: 23 June, 2008, 07:48:52 PM »
Great photos..

nice and muddy  :)


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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
« Reply #6 on: 24 June, 2008, 01:05:09 AM »
OK gang - I suppose its time for the official trip report.  For the first time in WPC history the trip was lead by  passenger, namely me, from the front seat of PMCs ride.  Somehow me thinks that's why I get the honours.

So another fine, beautiful winters day begins at 6.25 for me, as I bade goodbye to my poor suffering Patrol and hop aboard my FPV rocketship for a quick blast to PMCs place.  From there we took Beachy's 'shortcut' through the back of Baldvis to make sure we were nice and early for the meet up at the ever faithful Pinjarra bakery.  After a quick brew and a feed, we set off a few minutes early - seeing as everyone decided they didn't want to write the trip report and were all there by 8.30.

We stopped off at Logue brook dam carpark to air down the tyres and to hook up with Selfy and Trent.  After a quick little drivers brief, that I am certain everyone had hear me say before, we departed off down the same track that claimed Krittas sump pan many moons ago (sorry mate....)

Off to the right we started our way up the first of many challenging hillclimbs of the day, which for the record has been named Evils folly (and for good reason).  After coaxing a rather nervous PMC up the hill, I jumped out to help spot for any of the others that required a little help.  Watching ET struggle with his 31s, I made the mistake of imparting a wonderful piece of advice - "mate you should be able to get through on that line, just use a little more welly".  I then had to watch in horror as ET gassed up the grey ghost and launched it at the hill - rapidly followed by a loud crack and groan from the ghost.  Now from where I stood the front left looked canted in and I was certain we had steering damage a plenty, but after moving closer turn out to be a tyre rolled off its bead.

In a great show of club spirit we all pitched in with tools and willing hands to help jack the old girl up and pluck off the damaged tyre.  Until we got a small ways in the air and she fell off the jack.  Chris quickly ran down to his ride to grab and exhaust jack to use a backup and a bit of sideways support, and with that we manages to get the ghost up enough to get the wheel off and the spare in position.  While Selfy and ET did up the wheel nuts, Chris took the spare around to the back of the car to put back on the door.  Not sure how he came to this conclusion - but he must of decided the spare would look better stuck on his head, as he promptly slipped on the gravel and wore the tyre he was in the process of lifting.  But fortunately for everyone - no harm no foul.

With that it was called all over for 'Evils Folly' - until Wildrova decided to tackle it with his beast.  After a little guidance on lines he was up with no dramas at all.  Once at the top the 2 GUs had to do a quick 180 to head back to meet up with the rest of the crew.  Once we had regrouped we headed off towards Harvey dam.  And after some tame and not so tame forestry trails we all decide to pull up on the northeastern side of the dam for a bit of lunch.

After possibly the best chicken and cheese roll I have ever had (thankyou Pinjarra bakery!) we grouped up again to head off.  But before rolling out a couple of the boys had a little play in the mud almost on the  edge of the dam.  Which almost ended in tears as Chris' Patrol slid out from under him in the mud - missing a stump by inches.  From here we set off in search of hillclimb loving known as "wozzas mud wallow" - all under careful guidance from ET and his motza of navigational devices.  And after finding it in record time the gang once again set about getting themselves in trouble.

PMC tried valiantly to get the big shiny GU though the mud hole - but managed to lose traction right at the wrong moment each time he tried to get out.  So after backing out in defeat he parked up and helped the others negotiate the not-so-chicken track.  After a little road building to fill a big hole - the rest of the group managed to get around the mud hole with no dramas.  Until Wildrova decided he was going to have a crack at the mud hole too.  But after having no more success than PMC he too was forced to back out in defeat.  But in turning left onto the chicken track he somehow managed to get his rig sitting almost sideways in the wheel ruts leading into the mudhole.  After a quick discussion it was decided a quick tug backwards with a snatchie was the safest and easiest method of recovery.  It was around now we noticed ET literally sprinting for the Grey ghost shouting for joy and before we knew it he was back in postion for a recovery.  With a very straight forward pull backward Wildrova was once again ready to continue with the group.

And onwards we headed up the hill - twice!!!  We decided to head off on a narrow left hand turn and after some breathtaking views, found ourselves back at the mudhole.  So once again heading off up the hill - we headed to the right in search of some more hillclimb action.  We found ourselves looking at a horribly rutted, steep and slippery climb.  PMC lead the way - picking a path straight up the middle of the hill, making slow progress but making it to the top none the less.  Next came Selfy - taking a very interesting line right on the far right edge of the track, and also making it with no dramas.  Closely following was Gypsy4wd - following the exact same line.  Suddenly we heard a clunk followed by the rushing of air - another tyre rolled of a rim.  So with a bit of guidance Gypsy backed down the hill onto the flat where he quickly had the car up on a jack and the spare put on.  Deciding to err on the side of caution, ET set off with Gypsy to head back the way we had come - and to meet up with us on Honeymoon Rd a little later.

With all the Patrols over the hill we took off hoping for an early end to the day.  With one last hill to get up and over it shouldn't be long now should it??  Yeah right!!  PMC was the first up the very slippery and muddy hill - and after a couple of attempts made it up onto some drier and harder ground.  Selfy was the next up, and made it under his own steam.  ChrisGQ had some major dramas as the next car in line, because it seemed like no matter what line he took or what revs he used - he couldn't find any traction.  So using a bit of quick thinking Selfy spun around and came down nose first, and unspooled the winch.  Using PMCs GU as ballast via a winch extension strap - he hauled Chris' GQ up the slope on the winch.  Until the winch overheated and would pull no more.  Being creative we linked 2 snatch straps together and used Wildrovas long winch extension strap as a bridle.  Now all setup for a snatch recovery we gave PMC the go - and he quickly hauled Chris up the hill and onto the dry ground.  Much to Chris' dismay - Trent (who from the sound of it hadn't had his Patrol for very long) managed to belt his GQ up the hill with just the right line and throttle, all under his own steam!!  Followed in rapid succession by Wazza4x4 and Wayne57 and Wildrova.  Lucky for everyone really as the light was starting to fade out pretty quickly.

After packing away the recovery gear we all headed off for the short drive to Harvey-Quindanning Rd turnoff.  Everyone had a quick chat while airing up, before we parted ways and headed home.  Now I'm sure your all wondering what happened to ET and Gypsy??  Well while grabbing a quick tyre top up and a bite to eat at the Caltex in Harvey, a familiar voice jumps on the UHF asking us where we were.  After arranging to meet up at the Honeymoon Rd turnoff we all headed north once more in convoy.  And thus ends the story!!!

And the quote of the day, from me "I miss my Patrol".  I will have her back on the road in the next week or two - and then I WILL prove I CAN get through my own mud wallow!!!

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Re: Harvey/Brunswick - 22nd June 2008
« Reply #7 on: 24 June, 2008, 08:13:43 PM »

 Now have three vids of the trip done... more vids of the "WPC's hill climbin', mud wrasslin' day at the Dam" in the next coupla days...

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=J4X7dcDAG2A (Wildrova and ET's "oops" )

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=OSbGE11XKmM (The mob on the move)

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=m-hHbSDRk0g (PMC & wildrova slippin' around)

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