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Author Topic: Julimar - Sunday 25/05/08  (Read 11956 times)

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Julimar - Sunday 25/05/08
« on: 25 May, 2008, 08:11:30 PM »
The day started out looking rather grim with cloud closing in around Middle Swan from all directions. We loaded up the car with expectations of getting very wet but also looking forward to getting into a bit of the slippery stuff. At 8:10 we rolled in to Gingers Roadhouse, highly doubting that anyone else would be that keen, only to find The Mavs sitting in their car looking rather lonely.

After fuelling up I joined them for a chat. Bloggsy then pulled in and proceeded to mount his camera on the dash, reminding me that I had left mine at home. I then spent the next 20 minutes debating whether to return home to get it while the others rolled in 1 x 1 until we had an impressive 10 vehicles. It was about here that Wozza & Krittas faced off for what could have become a diesel fuelled push-of-war, viaing for line honours and avoiding the trip report. But alas, they needn’t have worried. PMC, true to form, was the last to roll in appearing a little worse for wear.

After a brief drivers meeting, we hit the road in anticipation. With a little chit chat over the radio about Transformers, (aka MegaPrime???), and a brief visit from Yoda, we headed North/North-East. In next to no time we had reached the turn off to the forest, where we all aired down. It had been a long time since I had been off road in the area, so I wasn’t sure just what to expect. Within metres of the start point, we were making our way skyward up a slightly rutted track with the odd creek crossing. This terrain continued for a few K’s with the water and slippery stuff increasing little by little.

After taking a left that should have been a right we found ourselves face to face with a nice pool of water just beckoning to be driven through and, who were we to deny it! So after getting a little bit of dirt up the sides we parked up to wait for Wozza, who was investigating a track further ahead. This led nowhere of interest, so we circled back in the direction from which we had come, some of us unable to resist the call of the mud and going back for seconds. We travelled on our merry way for a little admiring the view and thinking to ourselves “How’s the serenity”.

Just when I was about to give up all hope of finding a decent bog hole, I see Wozza drop in to what looks like a little puddle. The following radio commentary consisted of “I don’t think I’m gonna make it”, “Oh Crap, the door seals aren’t sealing” and “I’m getting out of here”. Once he had extracted himself the rest of the group seemed to be frozen with fear. The Pig seemed to be having a staring contest with the pit and it was hard to tell who would back down first. Finally it was Morlz who broke the ice as we all watched on as he went through with apparent ease. This snapped The Pig into action who was not going to be outdone. He also made it look easy. Next up was Krittas who not only took on the 1st pit but decided to tackle the one on the other side of the clay pan.

I was noticing a pattern emerging, All GQ’s and all Oil-Burners. The butterflies in my stomach were crying out to be heard “This is not acceptable!” So with heart in mouth I attached the Snatch Strap for easy access and gingerly approached the bog hole, fully expecting to suck a guts full of water or drown the electrics. There was no turning back now so I slowly dropped over the edge and gave it heaps, praying to all the Gods in the universe they get me out the other side. They must have been on the clock today as I made it through without so much as a cough. This apparently gave others confidence as they all started lining up to have a go, first one way then the other and in one case even in reverse!

Being such an open area and while everyone had a play it was decided that we would stop here for a bite and a natter. After an hour, the call went out to mount up as we were on the move again. From here we wound our way through the tracks, heading up hill and down dale, gradually making our way through the forest. As we were approaching another turn off, the call came out over the radio, “Hold up guys, I’ve gotta change a tyre”. It was Morlz and his mighty 35’s had grit in the bead. A tyre change, easy enough you might say. Wrong…. the spare was a mismatch.

First remove the wheel from the vehicle and release all remaining air by use of a valve removing tool. Next roll the rim & tyre to the nearest handy Patrol and place in front of wheel. Drive the Patrol up onto the tyre as close to the rim as possible. This often works better when the tyres on the Patrol are fully inflated. Plan B – Place tyre under tow hitch and insert High-Lift jack. Note –this always works best when the jack is travelling in the right direction. Apply pressure to sidewall of the tyre until the bead releases. If the bead is stubborn and fails to budge, place nearest fatty on to tyre adjacent to jack base and bounce. Once bead is broken, clean rim and bead with water and a rag (or a jumper, whichever is handy, remembering that it may get cold later and jumper may be required). Now apply air pressure and reinflate tyre. If first attempt fails, ensure compressor is actually connected, switched on and ready to run then try again. When reseating the bead, always ensure there is an unsuspecting gent with a heart condition nearby, as this is always good for a laugh with onlookers. Refit rim & tyre to vehicle.

With school out for the day, it was time to move on. We made our way through some interesting tracks, seeing who could create the biggest bow waves at the puddles. Finally we were on the home stretch, but not before scaring the living daylights out of the owners of Automatics with a steep and slippery decent. Two things when driving concern me, steering the vehicle but not turning and braking but not stopping. After swallowing deep and returning my heart to its correct position, we followed the last track until hitting the black top again where we stopped to inflate tyres and inspect for damage. I’m sure there will be a few posts for tech support, or parts in the coming days with most people suffering only minor glitches. Once people had aired up some headed towards home, while others headed towards the nearest coffee house or servo for refreshments.

Once again, an enjoyable day out in the bush with a great bunch of people and looking forward to the next time

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Re: Julimar - Sunday 25/05/08
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Just thought I'd post this one up.


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