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Author Topic: Lancelin/Wedge island trip  (Read 8700 times)

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Lancelin/Wedge island trip
« on: 28 October, 2008, 07:08:25 PM »
Well, since this was my first trip as a financial member and Jarryd was the leader, I am going to have a crack at this trip report.

We arrived at the 10th light horse memorial carpark just after 8.30 thinking we were last coming from Baldivis and a last minute fuel stop in Joondalup, however Jarryd was behind us.

Only a small convoy, My son Trent and I in the Gu III 3.0 DX wagon, PMC in his TD42 GU IV, Auchenblae in his ex NSW Police GU IV 4.8 Auto, Franko/ Silver surfer in the GU IV, Nathan in the RB30 GQ, Bevan in his GQ and Jarryd in the 4.2 petrol auto GQ.

Once Jarryd arrived we quickly got on the road and headed North.

We arrived in Lancelin and headed straight for the servo - gotta love the petrol fuel economy.

From there we headed via the back road for the off road area and into the first u -turn of the day, once we got sorted we headed into the off road area and let the tyres down.

From there we headed for the beach, (dont worry Bevan your secret is safe about forgetting to lock the hubs)however after a quick recce, Jarryd made the call that the beach wasn't looking good and we would head North a little more via the inland road, so another u - turn and into the first bogging of the day, not one of us but a bloke in a Commodore who went about 25m further than he should have. PMC whipped out the Maxx Traxx and with these and a quick push, he was on his way again.

After a short time on the inland road we headed back to the beach, which looked much better. The track was well defined and not to many soft spots or wash outs, we saw a few interesting vehicles down there though, a Forester with all the plastic under the bumper ripped off (the ruts were a little deep for him I think) a Mercedes GL wagon and an Adventra (AWD Commodore wagon) which got the boys a little excited as it was covered in fresh mud.

We got to Wedge and stopped for lunch - thanks for the sausages Bevan.

After a short break the need to get dirty took over and we headed into the Wedge townsite?  to find the inland track home.
We managed to head up some blokes driveway and into another u - turn, once we got sorted again we headed off on the inland track.

We soon came across some dunes, which prompted a demonstration of precision driving and a rematch of the PMC V GQ4x4 sand drags, which I decided to also join in.
2WD only standing start - despite some confusion on my part as to the finish, Jarryd led by about half a car length, then the mighty 3.0 followed up by Paul. After some more play and a demonstration of how far a lifted GQ will lean - You guys are braver than me, it was back on the road.

Next stop was a mud pit, after some poking around to see how deep it was and how sticky - How was that mud oozing between the toes JMC?
Everyone had a crack at it, with some indulging in a couple of run throughs, unfortunately it would apear that this was the beginning of the end for Nathans RB30 as some mud got behind the cam belt and allowed it to jump a couple of teeth.
Despite running a little rough it was thought that it was wet ignition and would soon clear.

About half an hour later the call came over the radio, " Guys we've got a problem the patrols making bad noises and I've shut it down".

It was at this time as we all stopped to check out the damage that we discovered the mother of all Tick infestations, these suckers were everywhere, coming out of the sand or blowin on the breeze they were crawling over everyone. Ive done a few Army camps at Lancelin and other tick hotspots like Bindoon and never seen them like that.
Trent and I chickened out and headed for the car, I managed to get 5 of the little suckers off me and abbout 5 minutes later Trent pulled one the size of his fingernail off his neck.

It was then determined that a tow was the go so PMC stepped up again and we were soon back on the road, not wanting to miss out on the fun Paul was towing Nathan through the mud spots.

Once we got back to within sight of the Lancelin dunes the navigation went haywire again with a couple more u - turns (Great fun when towing)even the GPS seemed to be having a moment, pointing us in the wrong direction for a while.

We soon got back on track and finally made it back to the off road area to air up at about 4 o clock.

Trent and I had to do the bolt here for the 2 hour drive home.

Altogether a great day out with great people.

Must have removed about 50 kilos of mud with the Karcher yesterday though - bloody stuff was everywhere.

Thanks again Jarryd for leading the way.


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Re: Lancelin/Wedge island trip
« Reply #1 on: 28 October, 2008, 09:26:59 PM »
I’ll add Nathan's and my adventure home!!

So we aired up with everyone and Jarryd had offered to tow Nathan back but once id disconnected and we realised that once again he was in limp mode. Hence I picked up the tow rope.

Back on the way and my patrol begun to heat up a bit, off with the gas and the air con then once it got a little warm we pulled over and emptied all the water we had on the radiatio to flush out some of the heavily caked mud off

Then crawling one a blast with the air compressor got more out

Crawling on a bit more 44 kms hour to Moore river where we stopped and used 2 1.25L pump water bottles and a 5L bottle filled with river water to flush heaps of mud out now the temp was back down to the upper part of the normal arch but it sat happily on 53km/hr all the way back to Wanneroo just before 8pm

Nathan kindly cleaned out my radiator and then the temp was down and it happily sat on 100+ on the fwy home!!

Thanks for a great weekend all and thanks for the help to clean the radiator Nathan!!


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