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Author Topic: Logue Brook Gymkhana - Sunday  (Read 7224 times)

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Logue Brook Gymkhana - Sunday
« on: 01 December, 2008, 08:44:38 PM »

Evil Twin, Mrs Evil and Sophie, our 3 YO Grand-daughter who will never let us "go play in the forest" without her, rolled into Logue Brook mid-morning Sunday expecting day 2 of the Gymkhana to be in full swing... but the site was deserted...

Hmmmm, they can't all of slept in we think so it was on, on, to the Caravan Park where we were met with a group all set and raring to go wandering... "You'se are finally here.. let's go and get into it, Evil's Folly is awaiting.. by the way you are Trip Leader and Reporter as well". (Note to self... next time stay the night !!!)

So a quick brief and  a double check on intro's all round to be sure GADGET and UKKIWI could put names to faces and off we went in an 8 car convoy. Beachy led the first portion as only 3 of us would be tackling Evil's Folly and the rest would watch and then meet us at the top for a quick lap of the area. UKKIWI found one of the advantages of being a "Clubbie" out before we even left when the boys managed to give him a tip that cured a transfer problem from his sub-tank

I make no apologies for the following video of Evil's Folly which unashamedly features "The Grey Ghost" for 90% of the footage but if you don't watch our beloved G.Q. slaughtering that Hill a thousand curses upon you... Oh, and you also miss Gadgets V8 roaring up the track as well.


I must apologise to GU4X4 for ballsing up the vid of his climb on the Camera, suffice it to say that he and Gadget made it up pretty comfortably whereupon we set of to meet up with Beachy and the other vehicles, namely, TRIMIX, PATROL GUIV, DOGMAN and UKKIWI. A quick lap around the area with UKKIWI safely esconced behind Beachy as they got a feel for their new Truck ( a 2.8 GU ) and hopefully their new Club. Fair dinkum, Chris and Jill, if you guys don't join up I'll have to retire from manning Club Stands at Shows. Gadget (in his V8 Patrolden) is a relative newcomer as well but having came up for the SIDS Rally and worked so hard on the weekend seems like an old hand.

Gadget also provided us with the only debogging of the day when he was easily talked into trying a small but very well known boghole along a fenceline and was caught with his front bar (resplendent with his brand new winch) dug in at the front and a free-wheeling left rear up in the air. A quick snatch out (no not by me) and we were off for our lunch stopover. That boghole isn't as deep as Napier Rd but it's a deceptive bugger.

After a quick lunch at the Powerlines we split up with Beachy and Dogman heading back to camp to relax a while then pack up and head for home. The rest of us (6 vehicles)formed up and headed down Medway for a play around Harvey. We took the normal routes and I must say the bl00dy Parrot Bush is as thick as along the tracks and eventually descended into the back of the Dam area where we came face to face with a bunch of Paj's from the Mitsi Club led by none other than.... Ranger J. The Mitsi's very politely held up and let us thru with a heap of friendly waves and we headed off to a nice little challenge off Haul Road.

I took UKKIWI up to the top via the formed road (which still has a nasty boghole near the crest)... they are still running H/T's so we found a vantage point to watch the rest have a crack at challenge. With everybody up all eyes turned to me so it was 'OK, OK I'll drive back around and have a go" when with a flash of inspiration I threw Mrs Evil the keys and said "Here Darling, you have a drive" ... Oooooh if looks could kill... I don't know why, as she made it easy and, No, we aren't in this vid but Gadget is...again... there doesn't seem to be many dull moments when he is around.


Back we went to another fav spot of mine but another group was happily ballsing it up so we went over the Perth side where the water was up over the road. A stop for 10 minutes for drinkies and off we went to do that traverse along the side of the ridge below Honeymoon Rd. UKKIWI were really getting into the tracks by now and the hill climb on this one was a tad gnarlier than I expected but they never missed a beat getting up ( I won't mention that you stalled it on the easy bit at the bottom Chris... that can stay our little secret).

It was 3:30 when we hit Honeymoon again and all us Perthites were thinking of home so we decided to call it stumps and air up. Gadget and GU4x4 still hadn't had enuf tho and formulated a quick plan of attack for a coupla gnarly spots south of Harvey that needed to be humbled on their way back to Bunbury, so we bid them farewell and broke out the compressors. Just then who should turn up but Ranger J and the Mitsi's so we had a quick gasbag and found out they had had a big day as well by doing the Preston Beach run in the morning then across to Harvey for the arvo.

As always it was a top day out and I had a heap of fun leading but it made it hard to get Vids and Pics of everyone. Many thanks to the various TEC's during the trip and I hope you all had a great time. Mrs Evil and I are looking forward to seeing all of you "out there" again soon.

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Re: Logue Brook Gymkhana - Sunday
« Reply #1 on: 01 December, 2008, 10:01:04 PM »
jeez thet patroldens got a mean note  love it nothin quite like a couple a extra cylinders ay


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