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Author Topic: Margaret River Social Event Trip 29-30th August '08  (Read 5783 times)

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Margaret River Social Event Trip 29-30th August '08
« on: 05 September, 2008, 12:20:41 PM »
The first installment......

Well, the day had finally come, a chance to unwind from the daily hussle and bustle with a few new faces down in what has quickly become one of our favourite little parts of this vast state. Unfortunately such adventures tend to start quite unceremoniously with the “BLAP BLAP BLAP BLAP” of the alarm and a poke in the ribs from the Mrs whilst she mumbles “time to get up”. So I leapt out of bed (after hitting the snooze button only 3 times), grabbed the ever faithful caffeine hit and headed out to give the Skyline the once over (no its not 4WD, but it makes short work of overtaking several cars/trucks in one overtaking lane, fortunately there are no club stickers on it either…).

So after downing a quick breakfast from the place with the golden arches and loading up the Skyline we were almost set to go, we were just awaiting the arrival of Rod & Carol, fortunately they managed to find the place without too much hassle despite the local councils best efforts to create a weaving winding web of roads to confuse innocent visitors and alluring them in to buying a house there coz they can’t find the exit (after all, that’s how it got to be the most populated suburb in Perth).

We set off, admiring the terrible behaviour of road users, including a bloke in a lifted GU with a twin axle trailer, stopped at the traffic lights, front set of wheels on his trailer not even touching the ground, just sitting in the air still spinning at a good 40kmph, trucks swaying into our lane, the odd nearly zero visibility downpour.

All brightened up though by the time we were on our way into town and we made our way to a nice little spot at Knotting Hill winery for some wine tasting and a gourmet platter for lunch out on their deck perched over their man made lake (fed by a natural spring, and its legal size for running a Water Skiing boat on, which they have done previously). We downed a bottle of their Shiraz over lunch while whilst gazing over the lake and vines in the patches of sunlight between the clouds. As it turned out, Rod & Carol weren't big wine drinkers, so we thought we'd better take them to "Hard Liquor Paradise" over the road, that being "The Grove" vineyard and distillery, this seemed to please Carol greatly judging by the expression on her face and the weak knees upon every tasting! We headed for accommodation of Riverview Tourist Park to check in and knock back a few bevies before the white GU brigade arrived. After a few quiet ones by the river we walked the 800m (felt like 1800m!) into town for dinner where PMC (Paul) and his entourage of femme's were to meet us. Paul finally got there (ok he was on time but I wanted to get my Calamari entree!!!!!!) wine in hand, ready for the weekend! Whilst attacking our dinner plates of Calamari entree with avengance, Frank and Tina arrived, unfortunately just a few minutes too late to order any food, which also meant they couldn't order any drinks (nowhere in WA seems safe from being classed as Hillbillyville). After a delicious dinner we were nearly shoe-horned out the door as it was getting late (all of 10pm). We headed back for a few drinks, everyone stopped by briefly but by the time all the dust had settled it was just the die-hards left to polish off the bottles of red. After Paul and I made sure there wasn't any unbalanced bottles remaining we thought we had better get some shut-eye ahead of the wine tour the next day.

Saturday morning I leapt out of bed sprightly once again (*cough*), as we had planned to grab big cooked up brekky down at the bakery before the days festivities. After breakfast we made our way back to camp and met up with Ann (Kiki Zharzoff) and her mum who were to join us on the wine tour. We hopped on the bus out the front of the accommodation and unbeknown to us but another passenger also got on from the same accommodation (Bushtucker Tours are pretty popular). We rolled off towards the first stop, Adinfern Farm where we met up with a few other passengers joining us on the tour that had come down from Busso with our tour leader Fay (it was her FIRST tour she'd ever run). She showed us some wine tasting etiquette before letting us loose to some tastings!. Being the first winery of the day it takes a little bit to get everyone warmed up, not too many purchases were made but everyone seemed to get a feel for the idea. We all loaded back in to the bus to set off for our next stop and for the well known "Bushtucker Lunch" at Knotting Hill (what a coincidence, we'd been there the day before for lunch....). We sat down to the spread of bush tucker including, cured kangaroo meat, turkey, ham, fresh Focaccia bread, locally baked sun-dried tomato and olive bread, bush chutneys and spreads, another bottle of that Shiraz was in accompaniment to the Mucks' lunch once again.

After lunch we headed for Willespie for some more sampling, by this point our group had started to get a little bit more warmed up and we did more talking than listening, Carol had taken up the opinion that "sharing is caring" and after deciding most non-sweet wine wasn't to her taste she took to pouring it into Paul’s glass, not that he was complaining. We then left Willespie wines for a 1minute bus ride next door to Hay Shed Hill (which was already highly rated in the Mucks book). Apparently it had come under new ownership and they had been digging out come of their reserves of reds they had in their cellar, 1990 and 1996 bottles of Cab Sav (we picked up one of each). At Hay Shed Hill we ran into another tour doing the rounds, mostly full of young blokes (trying to look like footballers) with their bit of fluff hanging off their arms who decided they'd walk into a licensed premises like Hay Shed with bottles of Corona in their hands and pockets (so they were soon told to come back without the Mexican pixie p!ss) Well by this point our tour had gotten plenty loud and we tried to pay attention to the young enthusiastic bloke behind the counter who was doing his best to keep us under control with 2 groups there, he was doing his best to speak up while we were laughing and joking and carrying on at every given opportunity. When it came time to leave someone in our group heard the other tour mutter something along the lines of "those lot are a different class of people", apparently civilized is a different class these days?. Also while we were at Hay Shed hill Murray (Bluey Zharzoff) had caught up with us after coming from work earlier in the day.

From there it was time to take a break from the alcohol (boooooooooooo) as we headed for the chocolate factory, not being much into chocolate ourselves we put forward an idea to redeem the WPC name a little by pooling together to buy the tour guide and bus driver some small gifts to show our appreciation for it being her first tour and in apology for all the noise we made. We stopped by the cheese factory for some non-alcoholic goodies then pressed on to Bootleg Brewery.

More to follow soon, stay tuned.....


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Re: Margaret River Social Event Trip 29-30th August '08
« Reply #1 on: 05 September, 2008, 06:26:53 PM »
A few piccies for the wait for the second half....

This is down by the river at the acommodation.

The Gazebo down by the river that we had a coupla drinks in

Lady_Muck getting in to the red

Setting off on the bus tour (everyones still dressed and sitting up straight)

The first stop at Adinfern Farm


Not sure what they put in the glas on this one but it musta been potent, even Rod got his eyes shut! (Traz had her eyes open and mouth closed......a rare sight indeed...).

The Bridge to over to Knotting Hill

Lunch time!

Carol in her natural environment....

It was so noisey i think only Rod heard the call to "turn around for a photo".

The group at Hay Shed Hill

Traz and Frank at Bootleg Brewery, only moments before she fell off the back of the chair.....

The group with Tour Leader Fay (in the brimmed hat) at Bootleg Brewery wrapping up the tour.

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