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Author Topic: Mundaring Powerlines 11th May 2008  (Read 5475 times)

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Mundaring Powerlines 11th May 2008
« on: 18 May, 2008, 09:48:10 PM »
Well I figure I'll do the official report seeing a show I led it...

It started with a bit of a cool sunday morning when GQ4X4 departed his driveway in Hillarys destined for another trip to mundaring.

Stopped for fuel at the ol BP opposite Red Rooster when I hear a very chirpy PMC on the radio chatting away, after wihsing the a good morning and filling up with some fuel I headed up the hill, thankfully heeding the warning from KT and Dale about a speed camera placed very craftily about halfway up the hill, I think only about 5 of us missed getting stung! Which is good as I already owe the Police Fines Dept a wad of Cash!!

When I arrived at the KFC carpark I was welcomed by the majority of attendands for the day and pleasantries were exchanged.

Then a giant gold, GU running on 37s pulled into the carpark, wearing these nice red FANTER numberplate.

After a few people throwing adjectives such as 'ridiculous' and 'outrageous' the chit chat continued. All 11 vehicles were there and at about 8:55am the heavens opened so cars were dived for and fired up and up the hill we went.

We had the initial hiccup of about 6 cars being caught by the traffic lights and needing to catch up so the first 5 of us trundled u pthe hill at a cruisy 60km/h which the ol' Petrol loved! We pulled onto Flyn Rd where we all took the opportunity to air down and finish singing the attendance roll which was cut short due to the rain at the carpark!

Once that was taken care of we all headed on along the track and managed to handle alot of the obstacles quite well. Was very impressed with the way Chromie an Shawn punted their near stock Patrols throug with only minor scraping!!

After about 20 minutes in we managed to pick up another car - a fairly new Mazda Bravo Ute, fully loaded with tool box and all! e fairly punted that poor little IFS sucker thrugh everything with alot of wheel lifting and black smoke!!

We kept moving at a fair pace, and another mention must go to Rob who I think enjoyed every cent he recently spent on his GU and put it through its paces, the ol Air Locker being used mroe than a couple of times!

Even Dale in his little rollerskate pushed through some of the harder lines with only minimal bumber scraping!

The we get to the tracks before the fenceline, you guys know it, that flat rocky bit where we usually stop for ET to have his Brew! And after Fanta and myself go up the far left side we find another track I had not tried before! See the pictures in the other thread for illustrations! I was spotted wonderfully by Michael (FANTA - sorta haha) and i ended up crawling...sort of over the final rock ledge that when measured was prob about 3+ft straight up. Managed to bash every component of the steering on the way up and now im paying for it!

Fanta then had its go and those 37s were sure worked hard as he takes it over the even higher part of the rock face. The only damage being a bit of a bent rim at the bead which required changing at the end!

But all of this doesnt even compare to poor ol Paulys encounter with one of those crazed motorcycle riders..who managed to, from what I gather stall his bike and lay it down onto the front of PMCs bullbar, I wasnt witness to this but from what some people say was rather hillarious and Paul also apparently kept his nerve quite well...i wouldnt have ha!

We all cleared the track before the fencleine and made our way to it...only michael and myself went up, which made me wonder a bit...Rob you punted your car through almost everyhting else..and you have lockers..we didnt hahabut fair enough to your comments i think it went "i didnt want to go home with steering issues" hahah jerk, :P

When we reached the end it was time to air up and assess the vehicles for any damage, which seemed to be limited to mainly side step bending and re-arranging...apart from Michael and myself who needed to change front tyres as i managed to peel the bead from the rim and it filled with crud and wouldnt inflate over 15psi...thankfully I put the spare in..which i wasnt going to at the start! Wooooooo foresight from me!

Then when we were all departing Rob and Wildrova decided to do it in reverse they had so much fun! And the photos show that they certainly did!

All up i thouroughly enjoyed leading my first trip and it was with a great bunch of people who I would gladly go wheeling with anytime!!

Hope you all enjoyed yourself and lets keep the high attendance numbers up!!



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