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Author Topic: Powerlines Night Run - 2nd Aug 08  (Read 6121 times)

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Powerlines Night Run - 2nd Aug 08
« on: 03 August, 2008, 11:46:34 AM »
How's that song go again... " Twas the 6th of June in the dark of the Moon with a Kenworth hauling logs...." well, it was the 2nd of August and there wasn't a Kenworth involved but 17 Patrols, a cute little Pajero thingy and possibly the bravest Landcruiser in Perth rolled out of Mundaring to tackle the Power lines track from end to end.

It would soon be 18 Patrols for a total of 20 vehicles when I (E.T.) and #1 daughter, Peaches, could catch up as she couldn't get away from work until 5:00 so, knowing we would be 15 minutes late, we managed to catch PMC on the UHF as the Convoy rolled out of Mundaring and arranged to meet up at the Tanks.

The sentence for this minor misdemeanour meant being elected Trip Reporter, a harsh enough punishment but it does mean that all my lies in the following are immediately accepted as true and Peaches was looking forward to having her 2nd crack at this 4WD gig we all seem to enjoy so much and trying to "one up" Mrs Evil so there was no chance of opting out. 

After pretty much 2 weeks of heavy rain with only a day or two break in between cold fronts sweeping through everyone was expecting water and mud in epic proportions and there was possibly a few minor nerves after the reports from the reccy PMC and Krittas had done the week previous. I took the cunning aussie shortcut from Mundaring and we managed to catch up the mob at the Tanks in time to handover the wheel to Peaches and slot into the "cruisy" spot in front of the Mav's who were sweeping the second group. As I settled into the passenger seat I opened the KFC meal deal and managed to stuff about 50% of a Zinger Burger and Chips into every orifice above the shoulders 'cept my mouth as we bounced along the track so gave up on the sustenance and settled back to enjoy the show as darkness settled and the lights of a 20 vehicle convoy took over the landscape.

At one point during the evening we caught up with another group doing a recovery on an area of the track where multiple routes wind through a rutted area and the view from the tail was surreal as almost 30 vehicles in some places 4 abreast wound thru the area seemingly going in all directions. It was reminiscent of those vid's you see of the skiers you see doing flare runs at night in the snow fields, very pretty indeed.

About 15 minutes into the track we could here the front group chatting on the UHF about the first of the more challenging area's and shortly it was our turn. This was a straight climb up on what was the chicken track around a mud bowl however it was to prove quite challenging as it was becoming badly rutted due to lots of recent use as the bowl was pretty much impassable to most vehicles. Towards the top of this climb the track pinched in forcing vehicles into the ruts and a couple of the stock vehicles were having traction problems but whipping out the MaxxTrax soon had them over the last 20 metres and we were off again.

The next obstacle was the first of the Creeks were Ash did a bit of a reccy and put "The Pig" through the creek bed and the rest of us all said "Well done" out loud and "Buggered if I'm going thru there" under our breath so we all took the track over the culvert. It was at this point Krittas and PMC had been able to get a good look at the changes in conditions that occurred from the Reccy until now and passed on to us all that the water levels were up a bit and the track had been significantly affected by traffic since the previous week. Now is probably a good time to pass on the thanks of all who enjoyed the run as PMC and Krittas, our intrepid trip leaders, had to do it twice in a Week and indeed copped a bit of damage on the reccy outing so we certainly appreciate your efforts guys.

We moved on and nothing too unusual occurred obstacle wise for a while so everyone was enjoying the track and the wildlife encounters. The first group was seeing plenty of Roo's and at one point we all passed within a few metres of a Tawny Frogmouth (Tawny Frogmouths generally remain sitting very still on a low perch, and wait for food to come to them.) This guy had a spot on a favourite rock to hunt from and didn't budge as everyone slowed or stopped for a look or a quick photo. The next encounter was of the wheeled kind as the front group came upon a Posse of eight or so Jeeps doing the track in reverse. They had a bit of room and kindly squeezed up against the Parrot Bush to the side of the track and halted allowing the 20 of us to slowly pass with G'days exchanged... if any of you Jeepsters ever read this, Thanx guys, some of the others we were to encounter during the night were not quite as ummmm intelligent shall we say.

Daniel had been having Carby issues with the idle on his vehicle but a gentle reminder on the UHF "that The Grey Ghost was the vehicle behind him and had the snatchy unrolled ready to go" did the trick and he made the whole track no worries. Trimix had to stop and put some air back in a tyre that had the audacity to partially deflate below the desireable level but that was about the extent of the mechanical bugs until the last of the Creek Crossings.

This Crossing was providing lotsa entertainment value and the convoy had parked up as the water was reasonably deep with a bit of an unseen drop into the bed covering headlights and reducing the watchers on the far side to fits of laughter as each vehicle came thru. Weird how hilarious things get when you know how much the people in the vehicle just wet themselves 'cause you just did it previously.

There were 3 options on the steepish exit out the other side. Right side was the easiest being relatively rocky and the gentlest slope, the water being pushed out of the Creek wasn't affecting traction all that much. Centre was a straight climb out thru some ruts but was getting very slippery as vehicle after vehicle dumped water into the ruts. Left was almost Hail Mary in anything without a lift and serious tyres as it was the steepest exit and rutted up to almost window level, slippery as greased weasels wizz and with a coupla wombat holes and a small jump up at the end. The couple of vehicles I saw give it a crack didn't make it but I didn't see all the attempts, if anyone did crack it, well done.

The final three vehicles thru were all petrols, Daniel made it up the centre with his dodgy carb, I talked Peaches into taking the Grey Ghost up the centre also which she did but has sent me the Bill for a new pair of knickers and as luck would have it the dreaded water djinn struck on the last one and Mavrod spluttered to a halt with water in the dizzy. One look up the hill at the vehicle in front which was The Grey Ghost and everyone was rushing to his aid 'cept me as I reached for the snatchy. Nah, just jokin' I was looking for the CRC too, really Mavrod I was, I promise. Daniel beat me to it and a quick spray in the appropriate area had the Mav's motor making noise again just in time for Tosh to turn up with the mother of all jump start setups which now wasn't required. Man, that thing looked heavy Tosh, I woulda jumped at the offer to help lug it back to your wheels.

We had opted for a brew up at this point as the whole crew was together and another group of about 6 vehicles had caught up and were doing a reccy of the creek. No-one wanted to miss their attempts so we made sure they had a clear path to pass us and politely insisted we wait while they "play thru" as we would only hold them up. Darn Pussies, the first two were modd'd Patrols who went centre and did it easy and the rest all went left but it was extra funny watching them drop into the Creek.

We moved on and had a reasonably uneventful transit as the Hill descent and the next mud bowl that some people call "Shotgun" was too dangerous to attempt in the dark and with the deteriorated track. The Rock Climb prior to the Fenceline Hill also had almost everyone doing the chicken track which like the first obstacle of the night was in pretty poor condition and presenting a challenge in itself and as it was now around 10:30 when we got to the Fenceline Hill the majority headed straight for the resale route while a few diehards did the climb quite easily to their credit.

The mud holes on the track from Fenceline to Talbot road were chockers with water and provided the last entertainment prior to airing up and doing the roadworthy checks of lites etc. I think the final count was 4 headlight globes and I didn't hear of any significant damage. Hopefully that remains the case which would indeed make it a great trip allround.

I had to shoot thru as soon as we aired up and couldn't stop for a chat at Talbot Road but did manage to find a few new faces to bore during the nite, glad to meet ya's. For those who had their first outing with us I hope you had a cracker time and we will see you again soon. PMC and Krittas, thanks again for yet another outstanding trip in the bank for the WPC and Tosh, if they introduce the "100 metre battery carry" as an Olympic Sport I am going to be backing you. 




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Re: Powerlines Night Run - 2nd Aug 08
« Reply #1 on: 03 August, 2008, 06:37:36 PM »

thanks all i had a good time, was an amazing view from the front looking back at all those oncoming patrol, Trimx mate i want your underbody lights mate they were great!!


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Re: Powerlines Night Run - 2nd Aug 08
« Reply #2 on: 06 August, 2008, 04:06:55 PM »
orright. got my A->G and uploaded the fotos we got from satdy night..

not quite up to the usual standard.. i blame the lighting.
my fav's the one with the cruiser throwing mud all over me and the surrounding bush - ensured the hole is deeper for the next poor sucker- which fortunately wasnt me, didnt want to have to reverse down that slipperydip!


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