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Author Topic: Trip Reprot Fawcetts Track  (Read 6043 times)

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Trip Reprot Fawcetts Track
« on: 08 June, 2008, 02:02:35 PM »
To kick off we had a great day driving around the bush at Dwellingup with a couple of stops for some lunch to have a look around and to watch a bit of driving over some logs.
It start out with myself meeting up with Wayne57, Nilson and Amanda at the Premier Hotel in Pinjarra before we headed of up to Dwellingup DEC office to meet up with PMC, Mr and Mrs Evil Mr and Mrs Lord Muck, Megs, GQChris and Tom. With the intro's all out of the way and a quick meeting we set of.
The plain was to do the Fawcetts tracks with a few detours to mx it up. So the first little detour was to take Dingo RD down to Dawn Creek Rd at Dindo Rd was the first quick stop to air down.

Whilst airing down a red toyota Camera Drove past which everbody made a passing coment.
Back behind the wheel again we headed down to Dawn Creek Rd to Start Fawcetts Track. the next stop was at an old rail loggers bridge were people got out and a bit more of a chat was had and some more photos taken

On the move again and we had come across a spot on the river for some smoko and a  bit of a drive up of the bank( this was good for Tom who is new to the game and give him an opportunity to lock his hubs in on some thing not to difficult.

It seem like everbody wanted a go so we all did.
Smoko's up.Time to move on again with me, Tom and Pmc a couple of minutes down the track a call came from Evil that Megs car wouldnt start ( Those GU's hey Evil). Seamed like a flat battery but that appeared to have plenty of jucies so out with the tow straps to get Megs going again with a bump start.
All up and running again we came across a couple of people with camper vans that we had to give way to so with some reversing and some close to the edge parking we let them by. It was time for another detour to stick along the side of the river and to find a spot for lunch. the track was quit closed in and with a few trees down across the track it was slow going with small detours on the detour. Before we new it it was 1230hrs and time for lunch so with some  manuving around in some tight bush we pulled up for a bit to eat and another yarn. it was out this point Wayne57 Scuffed some paint of one of his flares with the add of a Blackboy

After lunch we made our way back onto the track and headed of for Muddylanding Rd after a wrong turn and a quick map check we came across a pile of logs that Nilson thought he would drive over

I will post out the video of the event at a later date.
Nilson put on a good diplay of drive and earnt a round of aplause from everbody that watch (excellent stuff Nilson give the GU's some credibility back)
From there we come across an old timber bridge and had a walk around and took a photo of all the Patrols in a group

That was basically the end of the bush tracks so we came across the black stuff and aired up the tyres

and headed back to Dwellingup for a final chat and to all head in our seperate ways.
The day had plenty of newcomers as well as the oldies and I pesonally had a fat time and it was excellent to meet up with faces behind the names and I forgot to mention Megs had to keep his car running all day so he could get home luck there was no stalling hey Megs?

So to close I would like to thank everybody for a great day and look forward to it again

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Re: Trip Reprot Fawcetts Track
« Reply #1 on: 09 June, 2008, 06:09:44 AM »
Videos of log climb as promised


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Re: Trip Reprot Fawcetts Track
« Reply #2 on: 14 June, 2008, 10:21:54 PM »
good pics looked like fun


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