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Author Topic: White Hills to Prestion - Mon 29 Dec 2008  (Read 8639 times)

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White Hills to Prestion - Mon 29 Dec 2008
« on: 03 January, 2009, 04:57:37 PM »
It was a quite Monday morning at the end of December 2008. when we gathered at HJ Falcon after a small chat and count down of the clock, Ando, ET, rustynail, and PMC headed of to the White Hill rd  to meet up with the others, Bluey, GU4x4 and Gadget. We so aired down and went for a leisurely drive along the beach.  With the impressive sounds coming for gadgets 330 Holden engine he opened her up and went for a quick sprint. Soon enough we found on of the few vacant spots on the beach. Some of us ate other went swimming and some fishing. We then moved on to Preston beach to air up while there the group split bluey took his German tourists off via Harvey, gadget and gu4x4 went back to Bunbary via the beach and PMC, ET and Rusty headed back up the beach and then aired up and headed off. Thanks for a great leisurely drive along the beach.


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Re: White Hills to Prestion - Mon 29 Dec 2008
« Reply #1 on: 03 January, 2009, 04:59:33 PM »

Well, went on the run in the sun this morning with a few of the Mob from White Hills to Preston Beach and back.

Gave me a chance to check out how the ole Grey Ghost would handle the Beach as this would be it's first outing on the sand with 33 x 12.5's and the front LOKKA...  :P

Once again my good friend Dustyboy was on the money... they performed quite nicely thank you very much  8)... none of this will be new to a lot of you guys but someone may get a useful snippet of info outa the following... 

I dropped the X Terrains to 14 PSI and spent most of the run in H4 2nd with the Torque Converter manually locked, only unlocked it a few times and had to grab 1st twice when slowing right down in soft stuff as we passed other vehicles or camps and also on the climb off the Beach as a big plastic rrrsed smoke and fume spewing GU deisel stinkbox I was following slowed me down...  :D... (just jokin' boys, I was the meat in a GU deisel sandwich all the way back so i couldn't say too much)

Man.... You can certainly notice the drag of bagged out 12.5's (305's for you metric mob) when you are off the throttle... but just roll on a little bit of pedal so the vehicle doesn't sit down on the front springs and it is all tickety boo

Still trying to master the LOKKA tho... again I think Dustyboy is correct... when the more aggresive patterned tyres are down that low with a LOKKA a short sharp "nip" of the wheel seems to be more effective than the significantly larger steering input I was used too with the Duellers.

Bottom line... I was way suprised at how well the wide tyres handled and also the performance loss trying to turn the 33's was pretty much unoticeable but that may have been masked by the Torque Converter lock-up.

The only Photos I got

Great day guys, made all the more relaxing by the fact that PMC was tail end charlie. That meant we didn't have to be worried about running over the bumpers etc that were likely to fall off  ;D
Seriously though, it was great to see the old and the new faces.
After we left the crew at Preston Beach we went across to Yarloop and on through the back tracks to Harris River Dam and on through Collie and then back home to Donnybrook via Wellington Dam.
A very nice little tour and the Hema Navigator did it's job beautifully. My only complaint would be that the screen size makes it a bit hard to read on the run when in 4WD mode but I figure that's a small price to pay for something that is so easy to use, compact and functional. Besides, the couple of times I pulled up doubled as a wee break  ::) ::) ::)


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