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Author Topic: 2009 WPC Mystery Tour..... Pic intensive!  (Read 6274 times)

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2009 WPC Mystery Tour..... Pic intensive!
« on: 29 March, 2009, 08:23:26 PM »
As this trip was an individual effort for the most part, everyone will have their own story to tell. For the rest of you who couldn't make it...... The Mystery Remains

With a few late withdrawls from the event, we had 7 teams ready to go by 9:00. Rolling out at 10 minute intervals, the teams were given their instructions, activities and directions and sent off into the unknown.

Team Mav were first off the block with Rod counting everything from light poles to leaves on the ground

Next out were Team Bates with a couple of tag alongs

Then All Over Red Rover

Team Grumpybums

A very impatient Team GT

The very relaxed and partially unwell Team Griffin

And finally last out were Team Foreigners

I'll let those involved fill in the blanks, but the feedback was Garrat Rd East, Garrat Rd West, Garrat Rd East..... "How bloody deep is it?"...... Team Mav get assistance from Rub Ishbin..... "It's Saturday not Sunday"..... "We have run out of cards"....."Why am I stopping? What am I looking at?"...... There's only one house, it has to be #1"..... "Watch the road, not the clues!"..... "Cricket, Tennis, Hockey"..... "Do half barrels count?"

Sitting at the destination, Rusty and myself were discussing the estimated time of 2 1/2 hours when who should pull in but Team Bates. Immediately we assumed that they had skipped half the course for 2 reasons... 1) It took us longer and we knew where we were going, 2) they left 10 minutes after the Mavs and were driving the wheezer. They assured us they had done everything and produced their collection of treasures, questions and puzzles. Within 10 minutes Team All Over pulled in sparking fears that the Mavs had gone MIA as they had been spotted both infront and behind the previous 2 teams at various points of the journey. Anyway.... Long story short everyone made it back in good time and delivered all the required challenges for scoring by Rusty & Mrs X.

Unfortunately we have no photos but we were presented with some very creative submissions for the challenges.
1) Make a flower with artistic balloons. What we got were the oddest looking flowers including a specimen direct from the Moors in England which can only be seen at night 3 times a year.
2) Provide the longest continuous peel from an apple usining a plastic knife. Lengths ranged from 53mm to a massive 1030mm and to prove it was no fluke a second was done in full view at over 2m
3) Collect sweets in a wrapper other than paper which top points went to Team Foreigner for inserting chocolate buds into their peeled apple.

With scoring done it was time for the prize presntations:
Total Prize Pool....

Our Winner - Team GT (aka Wozza) Scraping over the line by 5 points thanks to his blowhard efforts and his navigators handy work

Our Most Creative - Team Foreigner (aka UKKiwi)The conensus is that Jill was the creative force

Our Wooden Spooners - Team Bates (aka 1BBQ & Run-Up) blaming their shame on a Lefty

With all the major prizes awarded (kindly supplied by Midland Trophy & 4x4WA and assistance from Perth 4x4), It was a quick bite to eat before the games continued.

1st up were the adults trying to burst each others bubble:

Our Champion Banger:

Then the kids had a go:

Our Junior Champ:

Next up was a 2 heat + final Egg & Spoon Race:

Our very own Egg Spoonwalker:

It was about this point some clown who shall remain nameless suggested that rather than run an adult egg & spoon race, why not do an egg toss?
The Tossers:

Eggsellent catch  :P

The winners getting eggsactly what they wanted  :-\

In wrapping up, it was a fantastic day which everyone enjoyed and congratulations to Paul & Maree on such a well planned and executed trip. Considering it was their first time as trip leaders they did an amazing job, so WELL DONE & Thank you to you both

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Re: 2009 WPC Mystery Tour..... Pic intensive!
« Reply #1 on: 29 March, 2009, 08:25:59 PM »
If those who attended wish to add photos, please do so by 5:00pm tomorrow after which the thread will be locked. Please comment in We All Wanna Know  ;D

This post will be deleted once thread is locked

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Re: 2009 WPC Mystery Tour..... Pic intensive!
« Reply #2 on: 29 March, 2009, 08:39:03 PM »

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Re: 2009 WPC Mystery Tour..... Pic intensive!
« Reply #3 on: 29 March, 2009, 09:15:52 PM »
Waiting for the cars to arrive

1.   250 pts - Team GT – Warren + Megan (Wozza)
2.   245 pts - The Foreigners -  Chris & Jill (UKKIWI)
3.   215 pts – Grumpy Bits – Chris & Michelle (ShellChris)
4.   205 pts – All Over Red Rovers – Darren & Janella (Bloggsy)
=5.  200 pts – The Mavs – Rod & Carol (MavRod, Mrs Mav)
=5.  200 pts – The Griffins – Sam, Greg & Wendy (Sam, FOS, MOS)
5.   190 – Team Bates – Bevan & Lina (1BBQ, Run-Up)

Balloon Stomp - Adults


I think I can

Egg Wars

Kicking back


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Re: 2009 WPC Mystery Tour..... Pic intensive!
« Reply #4 on: 29 March, 2009, 09:56:20 PM »
thanks rustynails and family and xlr8 and family for organising such a brilliant day, here are a few pics Shell & the kids managed to snap also a big thank you to all those that did manage to reset thier clocks and make the departure times, on the way home all we talked about was todays trip and cant wait for the next 1


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