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Author Topic: Avon and Julimar National Parks 25/10/09  (Read 5248 times)

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Avon and Julimar National Parks 25/10/09
« on: 27 October, 2009, 08:42:50 PM »
The day started out like any other trip, pack the esky and lunches, throw the kids in the car and be on your way. Unfortunately, it's hard to leave when you can't find the keys. Hence being stuck with another trip report 

We arrived at Gingers at 8:45, just enough time for Walter Ego to raid our wallets, pockets, centre consoles and anywhere else we thought safe to keep our loose change and after a short driver's brief, hit the road. After a quick run up the bitumen, we turned on to the gravel into the Avon National Park where we stopped for a quick picky.

Once everyone was back in their cars, it was a leisurely drive through the park, checking out the scenery until we stopped for a short break to stretch the legs and down a cuppa. Exiting the rest area, we had a chance to engage the stubby lever for a short but steep ascent to take us in the direction of Moondyne Cage. Winding our way through, we found plenty of opportunity for photos or to just enjoy the tranquillity before parking up and making the short walk to attend ET's school of googled history. Once we had found FOS & MOS, who had gone in search of one of their Geothingies, we headed toward Julimar for a lunch stop

A picnic area just north of Julimar Rd was the ideal location for lunch and gave FOS a chance to find another of his caches. Following a yarn and a feed we loaded up again to head up Julimar Rd and into the National Park. The drive through Julimar offered more opportunity to test the traction on the pea gravel descents and without too many hassles we came to the now infamous Puckerup Hill. With Mrs X having heard the stories, she quickly vacated the drivers seat, only to find that in the dry it was nothing to be concerned about.

The next challenge came in the form of a deceptive creek crossing which caught DX Grunt by surprise, clocking up the first GU recovery for the day. Young Justin, in his GQ also came unstuck when he hit the water a little quick and drowned the old TB. Fortunately he saved face by getting it running and driving out unassisted, keeping the reputation of the mighty Q's intact. We then kicked up some more dust before arriving at Wozza's Wallow, where the majority parked up to look on as ExpatKiwi drove head long into the left hand pit while I booted my passengers out to give the horseshoe a crack.

After making it through easily I thought it would be worth having a shot at the right hand pit. Once the front dropped in off the ledge it was too late to reconsider but it was a whole lot deeper than the last time I was there. Creating a bow wave that was tickling the door handles, I made it as far as the step up at the far end before loosing traction and it wasn't until reversing near halfway back that I heard the sloshing in the foot well. With a bit more right foot, I got out the other end  only to wish I were still in there when Mrs X spotted the state of the carpet and all her belongings on the floor. While a couple of others had a go at the horseshoe, MOS obviously didn't want to be out done by the Q drivers and went in to the right hand pit. Although she couldn't quite get out the other end she did manage to exit of her own accord, unlike FOS who got about 4 feet before losing contact with the ground and required the assistance of ExpatKiwi to get him out.

With a couple of seriously dirty rigs and a couple of drivers whose grins could not be diminished, time was called and we headed back to the bitumen. After stopping to regroup and apply ice to a rapidly swelling foot, we took to the road, hoping to make our way back to Gingers before departing for the day. FOS and I had other ideas as we had clogged our radiators with so much mud that airflow was impossible. After a quick rest for the cars, ET took the bulk of the group on to Gingers, while the rest of us made it as far as Bullsbrook before calling it quits and it was decided to trailer the Q home rather than do any serious damage.

Despite the disappointing end to the day, it was a great trip and as always had a ball. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and scenery and the fact that I rode shotgun most of the day. Thanks to The Evil Twin and Mrs Evil for taking on the trip in Wozza's absence and a big thank you to ExpatKiwi, UKKiwi and Walter Ego, FOS and MOS and Mick51 for hanging back with me until the trailer arrived. Special thanks to FOS for the middies. Also a special mention to The Pig for coming to the rescue and to the owners of the Cafe in Bullsbrook for the use of their hose and water.
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Re: Avon and Julimar National Parks 25/10/09
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