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Author Topic: Powerlines 03 Jan 2009  (Read 4143 times)

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Powerlines 03 Jan 2009
« on: 03 January, 2009, 07:23:02 PM »
How I ended up as the trip scribe is a story in itself... suffice it too say that I was the second one to arrive at Mundaring and thought I was safe...PMC you don't realise how much this is going to cost you.

Ok... the trip planning for this one started off as an unofficial romp at the Powerlines for the "Noise from the North"... the one... the only... Sets monster and his inseperable and much loved sidekick, Bear.

Stets and family are on their way from Geraldton to take up residence in Collie and he had grown sick of the Banjo lessons ( that's a Collie "in" joke, if you don't get it watch Deliverance... if you can't get Deliverance at the Vid shop it is still showing 3 nights a week at the Collie Theatre ) Anyhow, Stets wanted a few mates to take him out 'wheelin at the powerlines. When he couldn't find any mates he settled for GQ4x4 as Trip Leader, PMC as sweeper and squeezed himself in amongst Jarryd's Bro, me, Fish, Greg, ColinTi, Truckie, Mikael and Tarmakh8r.

Due to some technical difficulties a few days earlier GQ4x4 had put up an early start and a 10 car limit so we could get thru before the hottest past of the day otherwise the heat from his engine would have melted a GU at 40 paces. Just jokin', just jokin' stay away from the flame keys you GU dudes as the "Top Effort of the day Award" went to a GU, namely "Big Toy" at the Jump Up before the Fenceline but I digress. With so many newish faces on the trip a late call was made to make it an Official Outing and therefore the first for 2009 so a few of the guys nocked up their first or second WPC trip on this one.

The guest of honour (Stets) arrived at Mundaring in typical "Jeez, what has he broken now" fashion by pulling into the car park and promptly jacking his rig up to find out why the front hubs where glowing white hot (not that we cared) but we still got away on time. The Powerlines was pretty much as expected after we aired down on Flynn Road, hot, dry and dusty. "Shotgun" was it's typical self and defeated a couple of us as we managed to sit on the hump at the top but the higher lift trucks did it easy.

Most of the really speccy stuff happened at the Jump Up and the Fenceline. At the Jump Up, "Big Toy" caused a few jaws to drop when he got jammed up on the left hand side at about a 45 degree angle when his air hose to his rear diff locker came off. ColinTi also managed to develop an air related gremlin and what we all thought was a new and innovative not too mention very amusing technique for kangaroo hopping up the challenge turned out to be a air leak near the Throttle Body causing massive power surges.

A quick break at the top of the jump up for a cold drink and it was on too the Fenceline where I got not 1 but 2 absolutely cracker photos of PMC and Stets doin' it the dirty way. Well, I reckon they are crackers, check 'em out on the end of the Vid.

We hit West Talbot a little after mid-day and aired up. A couple of us hung around gas bagging and making Stets feel loved for an hour or so and then it was off home. Powerlines is definitely a early or late in the day proposition in the Summer conditions as it certainly was a getting a tad hot at the end

Thanks to GQ4x4 (and Steph ) for leading the trip and I hope you got a big enough 'wheeling fix to last you until you arrive in Collie, Stets, cause we will be coming down for a visit as soon as you settle in.

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