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Author Topic: Dwellingup explorer  (Read 6164 times)

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Dwellingup explorer
« on: 02 August, 2009, 09:06:44 PM »
First of all i would like to thank Beachy for the great day out!!
Well i was the lucky last to reach the bakery today thanks to the alarm...
Anyway... The day started with us meeting up in Pinjarra bakery at about 8.30am ( I got there at about 8.45 ).. There was Brisey, Beachy, FOS, Missy, 2shortgq, Bigbaz and myself..
Everyone greeted good mornings.. sign the paperwork and away we went..
We then go further south and turned into Hofman Mill i think that's what it's called.. went for a drive..
crossed a couple of creeks which turned out to be quite deep..
The Blue Navara with right foot rooted to the floor went second just after beachy and still got stuck.. As usual the children had to do all the 'dirty' work..

The day was about 'exploring'.. So we had to do about 5-6 U turns.. ( or more?? )
After lunch the Blue Navara had to head off so it was left to the 6 of us.
Brisey and Beachy decided to go for the Lumpy bits.. the 'Jeep' hill was so gnarly that none of us gave it a shot.. and so was the next one after that.. ( I forgot what it was called ).
Next up was the McGyver hill ( did i spell that right?? ) everyone except Bigbaz gave it a shot. Bigbaz However sat in the Nissan Wrangler while Brisey did all the work up that hill..

The next challenge was the 'winching hill' i think that's what they call it.. Brisey, Beachy, FOS and myself gave it a good go but no one could even make it past the first lump..

Last but not least was the Evil Folly.. Only Brisey gave that one a go but still he couldn't get it up in his Nissan Wrangler....

We finished at about 5ish and everyone but myself headed to the Pub...

Was a long day of 4wding but it was great fun!!
Thanks again to Beachy and Brisey who made this trip possible!


Thanks to everyone that came along to the "Let's try to avoid Dwellingup Tour"   Bri for going TEC, Mikael for the very fast posting of the Trip Report and the rest of the crew for coming out and having fun. It was good to meet a few new faces.

It was another great day out with friends and as usual on one of our trips, we did the odd "Zigged when we shoulda Zagged" and there were a couple of "What could possibly go wrong" moments. All in all it was a lot of fun and we found a couple of new spots to play. I loved the little bridge we found at the first bit of water. Definitely needed a spotter on that one. It took me a day to get the mud out of the old girl and I have a bit more new "Bush Pinstriping" from the oveergrown tracks we did.

Cheers, Wayne

And here's a link to threst of the pics http://picasaweb.google.com.au/Beachshack2/DwellingupExplorer?authkey=Gv1sRgCM28pum4x5aVdQ&feat=directlink

Cheers, Wayne

Here are a few comments on the day from some of the new people looking at joining the club.

Great day had by all.

Many thanks also to Beachy and Brisey

But were is Dwellingup?  ;D

Cheers Thomas
Hi Guys

Had a ball went out hoping for a great day and a couple of twitchy moments and got them especially when beachy called up and said are you comfortable with this baz somewhere along side of the I believe it was Harvey Dam and Brissey cut in and said yes! Good job really as turning back could have being a little challenging. The calm attitude you both showed while I was sucking up the upholstery was worth it's weight in gold.

Well done to the guys who had a crack at the hill I wimped on.and especially Brissey for letting me jump in and showing me how it is done.

Congrats to Mikael for getting this report up so fast and thanks to Beachy for leading the trip and Brissy for making sure none of us were left behind,

Have just shown my regular copilot your pictures Mickey and she is p%$#@d off she had to go to work instead of coming along. Great shots mate thanks for posting them.



Good on ya michael. I would just like to say for everyone that wasn't there, the pic of the navara, thats me in the drivers seat and marty(my husband) getting out to hook up the tow rope. Yeah. I had a go and got it stuck. :-( But i was allowed to keep driving and had fun with all the rest of it. I want to try some harder stuff next time. :-) Thanks guys.
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