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Author Topic: Lennard Track Trip - 190409 ****DIAL-UP WARNING****  (Read 4628 times)

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Lennard Track Trip - 190409 ****DIAL-UP WARNING****
« on: 25 April, 2009, 07:45:24 PM »
Well where do I start as this is my first Trip Report.

We got to the Pinjarra Bakery and found the Nissan Wrangler already there but no sign of the driver, so my son (Brendan aka “The Pup”) went into the Bakery to get some breakfast. ( got to love those pies for breakfast )
When we went back out to the car park we found Brisey in the Wrangler waiting for us. After a bit of a yarn Tuff Tonka (Justin) arrived followed by Mikael and his mate Wayne.
We all left Pinjarra at 0845 and headed south towards Wellington Dam, as I was trip leader I lead the way but had no idea where we were going.
We arrived at the turnoff to the Dam but me being the experienced trip leader over shot the turn off but all the rest of the crew took the correct turn off.
We stopped to call some of the others and to find out where they were, called Tarmakh8r but he could not make it....no worries will see you next trip Mate.
Got in touch with Kirupt (Sean) and found that he was at the Dam waiting for us, so off we went.
Got to the Dam and met up with Sean and his co-pilot Heidi also we were very pleased to see that Selfy (Paul) had decided to have the morning off to join us.
After a bit of a yarn it was decided that Paul would be our trip leader, Hooray for Paul as I was lost already.... which is great training for my first trip where “We All Go and Get Lost”.
We left the Dam car park on crossed the spillway.
Photos of Spillway:

We followed Paul to Lennard Road (I think that is what it was called), the first bit was sealed but then we were on the gravel road, what a beautiful place for a Sunday Drive.

The track slowly got rougher but still very easy going until we got to 4x4Hill, after Paul got to the top of the hill I followed and stopped to get some videos of the others behind me.

Sean and Heidi

Mikael and Wayne

After they had all passed I was on my way as well but had to stop as Tuff Tonka (Justin) was having a bit of trouble on the worst part of the hill, but after he let a bit of air out of his tyres away he went followed by Brisey (Bri) and me.

Going to the top of 4x4 Hill

We got to the top of Mt Lennard and then Paul took us somewhere else not sure where but it was a great track, we came to a small rise that Paul had been up before and got stuck and had to which himself up.

Well this small rise proved to be a bit difficult if you did not pick the correct way of going up it.... as I found out.

Me taking the incorrect path :o :o :o :o ::) ::) ::) ::)

Tuff Tonka (Justin)


Kirupt (Sean)

And last but not least Brisey (Bri) in the Nissan Wrangler who made it look too easy, damn those Wranglers. ;) ;) ;)

Once we were all over the rise we headed off to complete this track. As Paul had to go to work it was me back as Trip Leader with no idea where we were but I followed Paul’s directions which eventually led us back to the Wellington Dam.

What a great day out with great people, great to meet Tuff Tonka and Kirupt hope to see you both out there again soon and also at the meetings.
A big thank you to Selfy for taking over as Trip Leader, great job Paul.....also thanks for some of your photos I stole to put in this report.
If anyone else who was on this trip has some photos please put them up.



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Re: Lennard Track Trip - 190409 ****DIAL-UP WARNING****
« Reply #1 on: 01 May, 2009, 01:53:06 PM »
 ;D Just want to thank Paul and Dogman for leading the day, had a good time. Good to meet a couple of the other members to. Heidi took some photos, I'll have a look when I get home on break.

Cheers Kirupt ;D


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