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Author Topic: Let's All Get Lost Trip  (Read 4957 times)

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FOS (aka Greg)

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Let's All Get Lost Trip
« on: 25 June, 2009, 08:22:44 PM »
Description: A trip driving around, getting lost while looking for lumpy bits.
Meeting Point: Pinjarra Bakery (for breakfast pies)
Meeting time: 0800 for 0830 departure

FrankosPatrol - Justin
FOS - Greg (Trip Leader)
1BBQ/RUN-UP - Bevan & Lina
Mikael (Assistant Trip Leader)
Bloggsy - Darren (Assistant Trip Leader)
JB - Jason
Whoosha - Neville
Trimix - Frank and Tina
Congo - Matt
Glen and Mel
The Mavsters - Rod & Carol
Luckybugger - Peter

This was The Dogman Let's All Get Lost TripĚ but unfortunately much to the doggy dude's disappointment, his rig let him down at the last minute. Thankfully all the other guys and gals on the trip all put their hands up to make this trip happen.

We left the Pinjarra Bakery in convoy at 8.30am armed with a few instructions from the Dogman. Left into Napier road, a few kms down we stopped to air down at the bottom of the hill. While airing down a pig wandered over to see what all the fuss was about and at one stage looked like he was going to take over driving from Bloggsy.

The first hill was as greasy as a pig. Half way up, I was trying to go left but the troll slid to the right onto the ditch. I am thinking how good is this, my first go at being trip leader and I can't get up the first hill. After 3 goes I decided the only way to go was into the ditch, wheels straight and plenty of loud pedal. Bloggsy was next and went straight up first go (still running from the pig), followed by JB. Whoosha  4th up and by the time we got back to him, he was out of the rig, looking very concerned that his pride and joy was going to be abandon and left to become pig fodder. Once he straightened his wheels and gave it plenty of loud pedal, he was up and over. The more we got lost, the more his confidence grew and was happy knowing the pig was at least 10kms behind us.

Second half of the trip, I was hopelessly lost and taking the gang up roads that were boring as watching the grass grow. After 20 minutes and nearly running off the road (he went to sleep at the wheel) Congo had enuff of this and took command. He quickly took us up a track that was challenging and very interesting........every one was happy old FOS was pushed back down the line.

2.00pm 5 of the crew bailed out while the other 7 rambos wanted more action and headed off looking for more mud. To use Whoosha's words Everyone had a porker of a day.

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Re: Let's All Get Lost Trip
« Reply #1 on: 25 June, 2009, 09:47:08 PM »
Some pic's from the day.. ;D


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