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Author Topic: Meat and Greet....Rocky BBQ  (Read 4084 times)

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Meat and Greet....Rocky BBQ
« on: 16 March, 2009, 06:55:46 PM »
O.K. here goes, my first ever trip report so please go easy on me :)
ET. you wanted lots of embarrassing pics and outrageous tales unfortunately i have neither (insert dramatic sigh here). The day started out with Bevan, his guest Barbara and XLR8 heading down the freeway in convoy (with a slight deviation on XLR8s part after pleas from the children for Maccas brekky). When we arrived at the foreshore Bevan and Lina had already staked claim to one of the gazebos down there by hanging our banner proudly across it. After dragging everything from the car that you would need for a DAY out (it always looks like you're staying longer) we sat down to catch our breath before an impromptu game of cricket....if you could call it that, a batter, a bowler and the rest of us just standing around in case the ball came near us so we could throw it back to the bowler......next to arrive was ShellChris and family followed shortly by Truckie, Gavin 93 and UKKIWI, who had travelled down in convoy, after hellos all round the kids made their way down to the beach for a swim. TurboGQ decided to join us at this point aswell.
The sun was hot, the water was cold and there was a beautiful breeze blowing in off the ocean which all in all made for perfect BBQ weather.
When Fish arrived we decided to cook lunch (just quietly Lina, i DID NOT see you hit your husband and say, "c'mon cook lunch i'm hungry")
As we were enjoying our food, another arrival, "who's that?" we asked "OMG it's paul(PMC) AND his car"....After some good natured ribbing about his gearbox, Paul settled in for a chat (and a quiet drink or 2) with the group. But wait ....what is that strange sight there? two people dressed up as captains with fake beards and cardbaord boats hanging from their shoulders calling "Ahoy there"....(i think Lina may have some photos of them)..... WHAT THE?......Truckie threatened to capsize them if they came towards us.... ;).
The kids slathered themselves in sunscreen (but do you think WE remembered to put some on?) ready to tackle the beach again so Lina and I agreed to supervise them, in the end the lure of the water was too great and we both ended up just a little bit wet (and a little bit sunburnt!) The kids thought the beach was great due to the fact that there was very, very little seaweed. There were shells to be collected and sandcastles to be built.
When we headed back to the gazebo we were suprised that most had headed home (we didn't realise that it was almost 3pm!)
Whoosha and family had stopped by aswell before they headed down to the other end of the foreshore to check out the Harmony Festival (we think that's what it was called)
Turbo and Fish had called it a day , so we started to pack up ready to head on home....isn't it funny that you're always so tired after doing nothing but relaxing all day?.......Lina needs to pack up her kids sunshelter....you know the type, fold this here twist this and presto! your sunshelter is now the size of a dinner plate....well they give you 8 directions with pictures so that you know which way to twist it and turn it......8 directions people WITH pictures for 3  yes only 3 moves that you need to do to get this thing back in the bag it comes out of.....needless to say it was hilarious watching Lina battle with this thing , she had a foot on part of it and her hands were trying to twist it every which way with the kids in the background all calling out their opinions on how it should be done...... :D
With everything packed up, sunshelter included,(thank you Bevan) we dragged everything back to the car (goodness me did anyone actually eat or drink anything? These bags feel just as heavy going home) and started our journey homeward.........
ET hope you're not too disappointed....there was no falling asleep (no adults anyway) no one bringing sausages and eating steak and no one in drag......although one of those captains in the cardboard boats was female...... ???
Thank you to everyone that came and a big thanks to Bevan and Lina for picking such a great spot   ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D


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