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Author Topic: OPEN DAY AT KARRAKIN  (Read 3948 times)

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« on: 02 May, 2009, 09:21:21 PM »
Well what can I say except we were last to arrive at the meeting point, by last I mean about 2 seconds behind XLR8 & MrsX, seems that because we pulled in last it made us last, so yep I am stuck with the trip report ;D ;D

We found ET & Marg, Runup & BBQ1, UKKIWI and Luckybugger all waiting on Mills Road for us.  Said our quick hellos, some of us did a quick rip the shirt off and change on the side of the road, jeez I tell ya the things some people do to get there hands on a WPC shirt... ;) ;)

Anyway up the big, long hill we went with BBQ1 leading the way, back down to third, back down to second, I reckon I could have got out and walked up that hill faster Bevan.. lol...  but it was a really big hill ;) ;)  Didn't take long at all before we arrived at Karrakin, which use to be the old Cohuna Wildlife Park.  Bit of gravel driving to the carpark and we had arrived.

Humm carpark not very full, not many fourby's to be seen, walk in, humm not many people not much happening think we are late??? 

Introduced ourselves to the few that were there, got a bit of a run down of the place, then out of now where appeared people from everywhere, they had all been taken on a tour of the grounds, one of the guys from the Black Cockatoo Club took the majority of the WPC guys, gals and kids for a tour to see all the animals, birds and what ever else they have in and around the place.

The view up there is absolutely to die for, the sunset was great, well what I could see of it, didn't wanna push in on the warm and fuzzy stuff going on ;) ;) ;)   But seriously the view from the deck was brilliant, the city lights up there at night fabulous.

Definitely need to get a WPC thing happening up there that is for sure.  The facilities have been run down a little and there is a bit of work needed to bring the place up to be something really special, it has everything there even an old revolving restaurant and we were told the revolving thing still works. 

All in all it was a good day/early evening.  The evening was finished with some staying back for a BBQ and dinner and some finished the day with "would you like a coffee Rod" ;) ;) ;D ;D

Thanks for a great day sorry we had to leave early, but Rod as you all know is working tomorrow and needed to have an early night...



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