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Author Topic: 9/4/09 Beachbums Southwest Wander 2009 !!!PIC WARNING!!!!  (Read 6250 times)

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9/4/09 Beachbums Southwest Wander 2009 !!!PIC WARNING!!!!
« on: 20 April, 2009, 02:40:32 PM »
Home to Gorge Rock

Finally we were ready to head out to Pemberton. We’d decided to spend a leisurely morning wandering around the house doing all the things that we usually get on the road and wonder about. Things like, did we water all the pot plants, lock the back door, turn off the gas, put the cat out? Hang on we haven’t got a cat but you know what I mean, the just after you’ve set off questions that keep running through your mind.

As we were travelling solo for the first part of the trip, we decided to go to Pemberton the long way, Via the Holland Track and do a reccie for a future club trip. It was a bit spur of the moment but you’ve got to be flexible!

We went out through Jarrahdale and wound our way through Wandering and Pingelly to get to our first overnight camp at Gorge Rock. We’d camped here before a few years ago and we were looking forward to poking around the old abandoned Hall that was a feature of the place. The dam up on the rock used to be used by the locals for swimming and barbys etc. But sadly progress has caught up with the place and the hall has now gone and the bush camp spot has been all tizzied up with new camping spots and a gazebo complete with water tank and table.


Hyden to Mt Holland

After a good snooze we broke camp and moved on up to Hyden. Here we dropped the canoe off at a friends place and headed out to catch up with Briseys sister in law Kerry. Kerry and her family run a huge farm and make Olive Oil and Olives as a sideline. They also have a beautiful restaurant attached that you may have seen on a recent Postcards WA program. We couldn’t resist the homemade pastas and olives so sat down and had a wonderful lunch.

So now we were all well fed and raring to get started on the Holland. We picked it up 50ks out of Hyden on the Lake King Rd.

It was easy going at first passing through some farming country but we quickly found ourselves on a winding , twisty track with trees brushing down both sides of the ute. As some of you know Jan and I do a bit of Geocaching so we had a quick look for one that is hidden at Emu Rocks but couldn’t find, it so on we went. We passed Sheoak Rock, Native Rocks and Wattle Rocks At around 4pm we arrived at Mt Holland and decided to camp there for the night. Sundowners were set up (nothing like the Icy Creek ones! ) and we got comfy for the night.

Mt Holland to overnight camp

Next morning, after a great nights sleep. We walked up to the top of Mt Holland to take in the view.

While we were there we managed to find a cache. We will log it under the Western Patrol Club account as well.
A short run to the Bounty Mine had us looking for some rockholes that provided Holland with much needed water. We couldn’t find them so eventually we decided to push on to the Jibaldi Nature Reserve.

A Mallee Fowl nest

As we got to the turnoff for Sandalwood rocks around lunctime, we took the 1 km detour and settled in for a cuppa and a bite to eat. We spent an hour or so having a wander around and a leg stretch.

After rejoining the main track we rounded the southern end of the State Barrier Fence.

Where the track crosses the Mount Day Rd there is a plaque commemorating the centenary of Hollands exploration.

Next POI was the Blazed Tree Camp. We stopped in and found the blazed tree but decided that it wasn’t the best campspot for us and pushed on a bit further. We passed Krakouer Rock and admired the views of the Rocky outcrops to the north. This would be a good spot to spend a bit of time and wander around. It looks like there might be tracks that go up into the rocks from here but as it was getting towards time to set camp we decided to leave it for our next visit.
A short run up the track and we found a great campsite in amongst the trees on nice clean sand.
Two cars that we had met along the way decided to pull in here for the night as well so ………………. Yep more Sundowners were organised. Turned out they were from Kalgoorlie but had lived near us when they were at school, so a lot of “Do you know so and so? “ was the order of the night.

Overnight camp to Cave Hill

After a bite of breakfast were on the move again. On the way to Diamond Rock, we passed one of the Gnamma Holes.

At Diamond Rock we took a walk up to the top and put another rock on the marker cairn, explored the rock formations and found another cache.

From here it was only a shortish drive (25ks) through some very windy, sandy country to the end of the Track.
Turning onto Victoria Rock Rd we made our way over to Cave Hill.
Jan had noticed that there were some Pioneer Graves marked on one of our maps about 25ks to the southeast at Sunday Soak. We managed to overshoot the track but found a saltpan that was worth spending a bit of time wandering around.

Back in the ute and we pulled up at Sunday Soak. This was the site of an old station that is slowly deteriorating back into the bush.

It took us a long time and a fair bit of walking but eventually we found the old graves. They were off a side track in amongst some scrub, we thought it was very sad the two people buried here have no sort of a memorial, not even their names anywhere. We’re going to do a bit of research and see what we can find out about them, maybe we can erect some sort of marker next time we go out that way?

Back at Cave Hill we setup camp for the night

Cave Hill to Coolgardie and back to Mcderamaid Rock

 The next morning we packed up and went for a wander around the Cave and Wave walk.

 After the obligatory pic session it was off along the woodlines. After only a few hundred metres we heard the dreaded hissing sound of a staked tyre. After jumping out to check it turned  out to be a spare gas bottle in the back of the ute had got a knock and started leaking. So after tightening the valve all was well and we were on our way again.
Last time we were up this way a local bloke put us onto another rock with 2 dams on it. just 3ks or so up the track you can turnoff to it. This is outside the Cave Hill Park so it’s a good place to camp without the restrictions of bollards etc.

We trundled up the Woodlines Track to Burra Rock where we stopped for lunch and had a squiz at the old machinery setup there.

From here it was a good run into Coolgardie to refuel and grab the paper and a wander around. Leaving via the Victoria Rock Rd had us down at Mcdermaid Rock in time to setup camp for our last night in the area and tackle the walk to the top. There is a good trail around this rock with lots of information signs about the geology of the rocks in the area.

McD to Narrogin

An early morning pack up today as we needed to make a fair bit of ground to get to Narrogin for our overnighter with some old friends. We picked up the canoe from our friend in Hyden, got some terrific meat from his butchers shop and had a pie and coffee at the bakery.

We dropped down to the south and picked up the Tin Horse Highway for the run into
Kulin. (They have a country race meet out here and to celebrate it the locals have made all sorts of Horse sculptures from 44 gallon drums.)

Narrogin to Pemby

After a barby and a huge night of socialising we said goodbye to our friends and went to stock up the pantry in Narrogin. All doenm we set off for Pemby. We took the road across to Boyup Brook and found some places that we’d like to check out. Being a bit tight for time we carried on but have them down in our “Gotta Go Back There List” Lunchtime and we were in Bridgetown which is a good place for a leg stretch. We managed to find a great little café and sat down for lunch.
Finally in Pemberton around 3pm and met up with the rest of the crew down for the Fishing Comp at the pub. We had a quick beer and a yak about the weekends fishing. They were staying in town so Jan and I said goodbye and headed off to setup camp down on Heartbreak Trail. We settled in and I had a flick around for some fish but did no good. As the night went on and no-one else turned up we realised there had been some sort of hiccup. Turned out that one of the first people camped at a different spot and as the others came past they pulled in. We moved over the next morning and set about fishing.

The comp went well with some good sized fish being landed.

Friday night we fired up the Cobb cooker and cooked up the garlic roast that we’d got from our mate in Hyden and shared it with some friends. Came out beautiful and we knocked up a Carrot cake while it was still going.

Gathered around the fire with the rest of the fishing crew, it was just one BIG Sundowner ‘til the wee hours of Saturday morning.

We moved camp into town on Saturday so we could socialise with the crew that were staying in the caravan park in chalets. After popping up the camper we drove over to the Hidden River Winery for a bowl of their terrific Lakhsa and a tatse of the wines.

We spent the afternoon drifting around the river in the canoe fishing.
Back at the camp that night we wandered up to the Pemby Pub and joined the guys for one of their famous meals! What a winner.

Sunday morning came around and sadly we packed up the camper for the last time. We headed up to Nannup via some back roads and the across to Cowarmup for another fantastic lunch and a glass of wine at The Providores.

 Drifting along Caves Rd we stopped at a couple of Galleries and pulled in to the Bushshack Brewery to sample their beers. We originally planned to pull into Busselton for our traditional last night camp but decided to push on for home as it was only 3pm. A couple of hours later and we were pulling into our driveway and planning our next trip

We had a great time on our run and covered around 2,200 kms over different sorts of terrain. From the dry country of the Holland Track down to the rivers, valleys and tall timber of WA’s southwest. As you can see by the trip report when we’re on our own we mix up bush camping with visits to eateries, bars, galleries etc. We enjoy mixing it all up together.

All in all quite a satisfying trip.

Cheers, Wayne and Jan

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Re: 9/4/09 Beachbums Southwest Wander 2009 !!!PIC WARNING!!!!
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They're some great pics Beachy it looks like some beautiful country you went through mate, I am so jealous I would of loved to have been able to tagg along
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