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Author Topic: VKS737 trip report  (Read 4874 times)

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VKS737 trip report
« on: 02 June, 2009, 05:48:43 PM »
We where up and ready to go out the door in the car by 6am and back home again by 7.30 because number one child had taken her only clothes out the bag and had no clothes for the weekend,got to love kids.
So it was a good start to the weekend once we where on the road again ,we got to Gingers road house for a coffee fix and toilet stop.
Gathering there where a large group of Harley Club bikers heading somewhere for the weekend wow those bikes are loud because they seem to be passing us through out the whole trip ,beautiful looking bikes though .
We stopped at Cataby for a pit stop ,while we where there a nice man pointed out that the car was taking a leak as well ,the day was just getting better.Lucky they were fixable and Bevan has made a note maybe time to replace all hoses before we travel again .
Finally we got there the last of the bikes had past us ,the kids were still alive and we where both ready for bed .
As we pull into Waddi Farms which is a great location for a gathering by the way very well set out we spotted Beachy and Jan who have been there from the night before said our hellos and headed to the chalet we rented for the weekend which was excellent .
There were a lot of activities over the day but we missed most of them with an afternoon nap we where the babies of the group so rest is very important ,we caught up with everyone at the group BBQ there where quite a few people there with some amazing set ups in their 4WDS a lot of tips where noted to be used down the track.
We had a camp fire and everyone chatted to each other about their adventures and a few good  jokes shared also they are very passionate about shockies and what speed to do on grated roads so don't ask unless you have a few hours to spare also they have a common problem they fight with each other when backing in a caravan so no caravan just yet for us .
On Sunday Wayne,Jan and ourselves head to Cervantes for the day we wanted to take the kids to see the Pinnacels plus we have'nt been for a good 10years ,the place sure has changed from our last visit they grow buildings out there and a Discovery Center ,the kids where amazed and loved it .We took a drive around town and went on a little beach drive the weather was great ,did notice that they have stared to carve up the bush to make way for the road from Lancelin its going to be very close to the town by the looks of it .
We past the Emu wind farm on the way back they are just an amazing site to see standing tall in a paddock turning ,we also saw Beachys sister will post photo of her ,Beachy got the short jeans of the family .
 Got back to camp for food and sleep ,ready for the huddle around the fire at night ,They had a raffle which Wayne won first prize lucky boy. Thankyous where said to everyone attending and making it a great weekend ,more jokes more tips and more wine please ,Cheers to a fantastic weekend that started like we are not going to get there but in the end went way to fast .Thankyou to Beachy for putting up the trip and letting us meet a lovely bunch of people .

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