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Author Topic: Wagoe - Kalbarri Weekend Trip Report - 13-16 November 2009  (Read 5926 times)

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Wagoe - Kalbarri Weekend Trip Report - 13-16 November 2009
« on: 29 November, 2009, 07:38:28 PM »
Friday 13th November 2009 - With the arrival of a Mark and Andrew in the red Navara at 6:30 am at my place we hit the road to meet up with a couple of others at Cataby. After a quick introduction to Bill (father) and Billy (son) at Cataby (sorry but they were in a ‘cruiser – eeek!!) we set off to meet up with Trollman (Jeff) at the 440 Roadhouse. After introducing Jeff to the others, a quick bite to eat and re-fuel, we set off for our final destination – Wagoe.

After checking in Jeff headed off to set up camp in the camping area and the rest of us unloaded our gear into the chalet. A bit later on Jeff came up to the chalets as we were about to go down for a look at the beach. Big Bummer!! Jeff’s Patrol had spat a heater hose and the viscous fan hub wasn’t looking too good either. After bypassing the heater with a bit of !@#$cruiser heater hose and some rescue tape, Jeff decided that it would be best to head on home which was really unfortunate.

So off down the beach we went following the sandy station track through the dunes. Geez has this beach changed since Mark and I were last here. Last time it was quite easy to find a nice sandy break in the reef to fish if the swell was up. Not so this time, most of the sand had been washed away exposing the reef which lay beneath. Well we found what looked to be a familiar spot, although with less sand, where I’d caught a Samson fish last visit. So after rigging up we set about trying to catch a fish or two. Due to the way the waves break right on shore when the swell is up, your rigs go straight under the reef, so there were many rigs were lost this day, 24 I think over about 4 or 5 hours. Fish count for the day – 3 undersize snapper and 3 or 4 tarwhine. Back at the chalets the bbq was fired up, sausages and steak for tea and lots of tops cracked off the beer and wine. We had 3 plumbers on this trip and man can they tell a story or 26 about some of the hotels around town, hmmm… might have to re-think about eating in these places.

Saturday 14th November 2009 – Bit of a late start due to the liquid intake the night before. Well a few of the guys made there way into Kalbarri to stock up on some supplies and fuel. Later we hit the beach about 1pm but again the swell was up and it was blowing a gale. It was not exactly cold though, in fact it was bloody hot!! Unfortunately this time we had to contend with a lot weed that had been blown in overnight. Even the smallest bit of weed on your line made it a huge effort to haul in your rig up the sloped shoreline. Anyway, all was not bad, apart from the usual bites and runs, Bill (snr) hooked up on something large that decided to give him a workout running up and down the beach. After about 20 minutes, PING!!! The reef got the better of his line. Other fish caught that day tarwhine and a dart. Again the bbq was fired up that night and food and drink were again consumed.

Sunday 15th November 2009 – Got a reasonably early start this morning, so we decided to have a bit of a Captain Cook further south along the beach. Mark being out front in the Navara rounded a corner and very quickly went sideways down towards the wet stuff on very precarious angle. I managed to get the Patrol in front of the Navara to try and recover it. Slowly I towed Navara safely back on to the track (sorry no pics). Mark with his backside still firmly grasping the driver’s seat in the Navara after that episode thought it would be best if I led in the Patrol to carve a track in the sand. Well this went well for me until rounding the next bend when the back end of the Patrol decided it now wanted to dip its rubber feet in the drink. Luckily I was able to do a reverse uey type of thing to get back onto firmer ground. After that we decided to head back to a small break in the reef where we set up camp in a dune clearing. Awning out on the Patrol provided some relief from the searing sun. The small break in the reef was only big enough for 2 people to comfortably fish at a time and you had to keep an eye on the swell. For Billy and myself this was reinforced after we both got a drenching from head to toe – soon bloody woke up lol!! More tarwhine were caught and Bill (snr) caught what looked to be a nice size sweetlip or groper of sorts.
The run back to the chalets was a bit of a hard slog through the soft powdery sand. After the cruiser missed the turn off to the station track they took a different route and apparently got some air under the wheels on a few occasions. The Patrol started getting quite hot about ¾ of the way up the station track but after backing off on the GO pedal it started to cool down a bit. Mark and Andrew in the Navara had a bit of a bouncy time coming up the track and by the time they were at the station access gate they were they were in tears of laughter as Mark had offered to buy Andrew a Man-Bra when they were next in Kalbarri. I guess you had to be there?
After a bit of lunch and a snooze, we decided to try fishing the Mighty Murchison river in Kalbarri. Andrew was the first to get a line in the water and no sooner had his bait hit the water the sound of the line peeling off the reel brought a smile to his face, even more so when he landed a 38cm Black Bream. We all caught various sized bream the arvo but none the size of the first. About 6pm we decided to move to the mouth of the river to try a bit of night fishing for mulloway. The only things we managed to land were a few more bream and a flathead.
We arrived back at the chalets around 11pm and yes you guessed it the bbq was fired up and it was Bacon and Egg sarnies all round.

Monday 16th November 2009 – Well we woke up to it blowing a gale and a peak out over the dunes in front of the chalets showed that the white caps on the ocean were already in residence. So we decided to give the beach a miss and head into Kalbarri for an easy day. First stop was to the bakery for some pies etc… We then headed back to the spot on the river from the previous day and after giving it a good try it was just too damn windy. Here’s an idea we thought. THE PUB, and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the arvo. A nice relaxing end to the weekend.

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