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Author Topic: Windup Weekend Gymkhana at Hoffmans Mill 2009  (Read 6034 times)

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Windup Weekend Gymkhana at Hoffmans Mill 2009
« on: 30 November, 2009, 09:19:42 AM »
Instead of our more traditional Trip Report, I'm going to let the Pictures "speak for themselves" in this one (also I forgot to pick a victim to do the report!)  ;D

Many thanks to all that came along for what turned out to be a terrific weekend of family fun and driving games. The Sundowners weren't too bad either. :D

The weather stayed good for us all weekend although there were one or two flys around. Great to see a couple of newbies make the trip. Welcome to Jezza and Bridget and their friends Scott and Dita who brought their families down for a look.  

During the organisation of the weekender I was in conact with the DEC Ranger for the area Brian. He was very helpful and gave us permission to use an area nearby for our Gymkhana. It was really good to have someone as positive as him to deal with. He also helped us out with some advice on the history of the area and what was around to checkout. We'll certainly be back down on this neck of the woods again soon.

All in all, another great weekend away with friends from the best club in town.

Cheers, Wayne

Anyway, on with the important part, The Pics!!  :D

Well what an absolute blast... I've never laughed so much as I did around the campfire on Friday and Saturday Nights...  ;D ;D ;D

The biggest thanks ever to Beachy for all the effort that goes into these things. Nothing was too hard, we even cobbled together a hot water shower... Bl00dy well done mate.

...and the Cobb Cooker demo... YUUUUUMMMMMEEEEEEEEE... I like 'em so much now I might have to get two  :D

...and Gary's bottomless lolly bucket

...and the Chainsaw song

...and Doggy and the Pup taking the Trophy 2 years running

...and... bugger it... if ya don't go, ya don't need to know.

Top job, yet again Beachy - what a blast.  Just got in tired, dusty, sun baked, washed camper trailer ready for return tomorrow (fingers crossed we get our deposit back), other washing on, dead flies scooped out of containers (don't ask!) and a BIG SMILE on our faces.  

The gymkhana was just hilarious and in our defence we NEARLY took the the winner's crown away from Doggy and the Pup - we gave them a run for their money anyway :D  I'm a bit worried about the photographic evidence as we were 'imaginative' when shooting the hoops and I was clambering on top of UKKIWI to get somewhere near the hoop in the tree, but slipping, so it was possibly not our most 'glamorous' moment ....  Plus, I think we should have got a few more 'special' points for my singing of 'Mr Postman' during the penultimate mail man game ....

Great to see two new members out, Jezza & Bridget and Scott & Dita (who will be on the forum shortly) and kiddies who joined us for the mad camp fire evening on Saturday and drive out on Sunday.  The pot roasts were excellent Sat eve but even better were the orange upside down cake and chocolate cake - roughing it? - nah ;)  by the way who ate all the chocolate cake ??? was looking for that at morning tea ....

Special thanks to Gary's lolly bucket - even though it was fine on Friday night, by Saturday night it passed 15 other people before it got to me, and ... there were no snakes left ....whaaaat ??? Lina wouldn't have done that to me, no sireee! :D  The several hundred I had before that were great though ;)

Terrific weekend - oh yes, and the Membership Officer's atenae went off as we passed a group of vehicles coming the other way, led by a Patrol.  "Stop that front car" and yes, he had been looking for us for some time - so gave him the WPC speil and hopefully we'll be welcoming him into our fold real soon ... ;)

Coupla pics from the weekend...

'Assembling the camper trailer 101'... closely follwed by
'Bushmans guide to the surgical removal of Brushes in the field'

'A place of peace and solitude'

'Not any more...'

'The dress circle'

'The coolest place of all'

'One of the lovingly tended bush graves on the walk trail from an era gone by'

'Holy Crap, could it be, yes, it is, it's a Fire Tower... coming to a Mountain near you soon'

'This is how I scratch the itch on the back of my eye'

Well what can I say but, well done to Beachy for all the work that he put into another Fantastic Wind-up Gymmy, great job there Mate. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
The Pup and I did not expect to win especialy after the Blind Driving game, he told me to go one way but me knowing more than he did (even though I could not see anything) knew better ::) ::)
The get together Saturday night was a blast, thanks to Gary for the Lolly Bucket, but next time Mate you had better get a 20 litre one. ;) ;)
It was great to see and meet Jezza and his family and his mate Scott and his family, so glad that you all turned up, and both drive the Mighty GU's. 8) 8)
Got a few photos, I think that Mrs Evil will be after me for one of them (Go Elmo) ;D ;D
Nice little stream beside the Camping Area

Little bridge across the stream (there was another bridge but there was an ugly Troll on the other side so we all gave it a miss) ::) ::)

The Camp Site

The Camp Site again

The Happy Campers and those PJ's ;D ;D

Marj (Mrs Evil's) lovely Choccy Cake 8) 8)

Off we went looking for a nearby Geocache.

The Basketball event was a little different, there were some very interesting ways to get thye ball through the hoop  :D

The Egg and Spoon race was fun. How many times do you think they had to get out and pick up the egg?

Winners of the event were Ukiwi and Water Ego with a perfect score!

The Patrol Golf Links were open on the day so we had a quick nine holes each.....

Mr and Mrs Budds , torpedos awaaaaay!!!!

Next up was the Mad Mailman. Here's 91 GQ haveing a run.

After all the events had been run and won it was back to camp for some Boy Talk........

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Re: Windup Weekend Gymkhana at Hoffmans Mill 2009
« Reply #1 on: 30 November, 2009, 10:48:48 AM »
Thats cheating Beachy...

TL's who forget to appoint a Reporter should have to do at least a 3 page essay. Plagiarism is just not cool so I think we shall have to insist you organise a Midweek Meander sometime soon after you get back next.

I reckon Chris should hand over the GPS to Gary after the Geocaching effort and the look on Scott's face on Satdee Night when we told him that last man in has to do the Trip Report was priceless... I am suprised you let him off  ;D

If it's Tourist Season why is it illegal to shoot 'em?.

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Re: Windup Weekend Gymkhana at Hoffmans Mill 2009
« Reply #2 on: 30 November, 2009, 11:04:28 AM »
Hey Beachy

Shall we try that egg and spoon exercise with Ukkiwi driving a Road Train this time - only a few more axles going over logs to worry about :D

Also, it's lucky the potential new member we found on Sunday didn't see the WPC camp fire get ups, Beachy in 'that' hat, Mrs Evil in her Elmo PJ's and Doggy in his zanny bright yellow swirly T-shirt - I see a trend happening here ....


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Re: Windup Weekend Gymkhana at Hoffmans Mill 2009
« Reply #3 on: 30 November, 2009, 11:08:50 AM »
I reckon Chris should hand over the GPS to Gary after the Geocaching effort   ;D
And Beachy wants to put Chris in charge of the Christmas run down south :o  Chris has just purchased a much larger GPS thingy - so that is either going to improve matters or even possibly, make them worse :-\


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