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Author Topic: Wilbinga Training Day 1/2/09  (Read 4447 times)

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Wilbinga Training Day 1/2/09
« on: 01 February, 2009, 08:43:57 PM »
Trip Report for Wilbinga Training Day 1/2/09 By TurboGQ

Well it is a Sunday, early morning rise and drive to 10th Light Horse parking area, Woohoo I was the first one there,, After everyone arrived and Ashley (ThePig) gave his speech on today’s proceedings at 9am we all went in convoy up to the gravity centre, and turned off towards the ocean,, Well normal proceedings up until the first climb where everyone was to air down to 25psi and attempt the climb, all was well after letting a few groups through, we slowly made our way past the shacks and towards the training area where we took a wrong turn and had to retreat, while everyone was turning we found a shorty pajero in the ocean over the cliff, so after everyone had a look we continued to the training area, Ash (ThePig) gave some information about tyre pressures and off everyone went to have a crack at the sand dunes, well MrsMav had a crack in the shorty to beguine proceedings, I can still hear it now,,, “I hate reversing”. Then everyone followed up and down the dunes like crazed chickens,,, Bevan I think you better remortgage the house,, you need a turbo, but ended up driving the dune,, everyone had a lot of fun, Then along came Samantha, well let’s just say everyone driving was in shock, 16yo on her l’s done the first small dune easily, then went to the second steepest and up in first go,, then after we all congratulated her she jumps back in with her father Greg in the passenger seat and takes on the steepest, well up first go she went, well didn’t that cause for claps and cheers and well the smile on her face said it all, everyone still tried some made it some didn’t ,, Evil Twins daughter well Peaches went up the steepest of the dunes as well with good right foot berries and got to the top and decided to keep going for a bit, after a little jump she stopped and down the dune she come, Ash(ThePig)had his TOYOTA LANDCRUISER ute there, yes but Julie (The Tank) bought along the GU Patrol, Ash had trouble with it not wanting to go into 4wd, Must be a Toyota thing so after a lot of banging and cursing he decided bugger it and drive it in 2wd,,, so we all headed down the beach where everyone was straight in the water like a dog with food,, after a cool down swim Ash(ThePig) buried the rear of the CRUISER and set it up with MaxTraxx to show a self set recovery, but for some reason they wouldn’t grab,, say a bit had to do with the front wheels not pulling the tyres onto the traxx so he went onto a snatch recovery, where PMC was designated recoverer, yes PMC got to see the other end of the snatch strap. Ash went through how a correct snatch procedure and then was pulled out, after that he talked about how to join straps together and what should be in a basic recovery should contain while answering the questions from the eager crowd of newbie’s and regular 4wders. After the lesson some went for a swim while others chatted and took in the atmosphere of the relaxation then we all started the drive back to the gravity centre to air up and Ash (ThePig) handed out prizes (Tyre Deflators) to the best driver of the day which went to Samantha in the White GU with her father Greg in the passenger seat, and for answering the right question and showing how a strap should be joined to another went to Jason (JB). All up very good day excellent turn out from members and newbie’s. Thanks to Ash (ThePig) and Mike (XLR8) for the trip, I hope people got to learn something new and had their questions answered about recoveries, A shout out goes to PMC for not having to be recovered today.... We also have video which will be up shortly

In Attendance

Mrs Mav            
Mrs X               
The Pig   
Gavin 93 Patrol
Glen and Mel
Evil Twin

Samantha after recieving her prize for best driver of the day

JB (Jason) after recieving his award for answering the correct answer and showing how a snatch strap can be joined to another

and a couple of shots from the day

and no the rubbish aint ours it was left there by someone with no concience.....



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Re: Wilbinga Training Day 1/2/09
« Reply #1 on: 01 February, 2009, 10:07:51 PM »
Some of the few pics we took

Will add more soon

A short vid (Apologies to those that never made it on to the video, hopefully ET got footage of those I missed

More photos from Bevan

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Re: Wilbinga Training Day 1/2/09
« Reply #2 on: 03 February, 2009, 08:02:38 PM »
A quick Vid from ET... like Mike I also was flat out (mainly hanging on with my eyes shut) so didn't get as much footage as I normally do... if you aren't in either vid you will just have to come along on teh next outing  ;D


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