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Author Topic: Churchman Brook Dam 17th Oct 2010  (Read 7190 times)

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Churchman Brook Dam 17th Oct 2010
« on: 17 October, 2010, 05:06:46 PM »
9.15 car loaded with fridge chairs kids and ball n chain
9.16 leave home to head to meeting point via local deli to get cold meats for lunch
9.22 finally get out of shop and start heading to meeting point
9.22.30 oh oh where is my phone, quick u-turn head toward home and there it is on the table next to where Lee's bag was
9.25 finally on way
9.37 arrive at Coventries carpark and there is 1BBQ/Run_up & Kids & UKKIWI parked in the sun already waiting. a few minutes later 2ShortGQ rocks up. and how did i get lumbered with the trip report???????
we waited around for any last minute show ups but alas it was only the adventurous 4 vehicles who showed up. So off we head up to Churchman Brook Dam.
after a nice leisurely 15 min drive we arrived at our destination. First we headed up the back of the picnic area where we were going to first set up, but was to far away from the kids play area. Kids from a couple of cars had spotted the swings on the way in and apparently those cars were quite noisy hehehhehee. So a quick shuffle and park closer to the oval and swings and we were all set.
After setting up the table and chairs and picnic blankets it was a nice relaxed sitting around with a lot of chatter and keeping an eye on the kids who were up at the swings.  UKKIWI started with the hockey”bat” and ball then smacked the living bejeesus outta the ball and couldn’t convince any1 to be his ball chaser.
Ropes showed up and introduced himself to everyone and stuck around for a bit of a chat.
A good day had by all chasing the shade and swatting flies, marchies and the occaisional bullant.
Thanks all who showed up


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