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Author Topic: Extended weekend at Dwellingup  (Read 7607 times)

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Extended weekend at Dwellingup
« on: 16 May, 2010, 03:48:08 PM »
Hi all.

Time for me to step up to the plate - gently - and give you my first trip report.

I pledged to BBQ (Bevan) - in writing - that I would attend 2 trips per year, so here's my first one.

What can I say about the weekend, but - WOW !

Friday evening was a pretty quiet one, I think most of us arrived in the dark, somewhat tired, but were greeted by the tallest, floodlit gum trees I've ever seen. That was a Kodak moment.

After we all settled into our various choices of weekend lifestyle, we huddled around Dogman's campfire.  I can recall the words "Toughen up Princess" being used many times  ;) ::).  Payback came the following day, with those famous words and a quick sprint :D

Unfortunately I had to do a quick trip to Perth for some new rubber, so I missed out on most of Saturday's activities.  The day started with an 'award winning film crew and presenter', filming an 'award winning' team.  More from Budds or Dogman on that one.  Straight after that was the Nav Run.  I commend all 3 teams - Bloggsy, Wozza and BBQ and of course their navigators, for doing their best.

It was neck and neck with Bloggsy and Wozza, with Wozza scraping through by one way point to take the trophy.  Well done.  BBQ and Run-up had a major GPS malfunction, so they tell us.  Next time I think they'll remember to stick a couple of spare AA batteries in the glove box  ::) ::)!  To their credit, they continued on as best they could, but had to retire.
Thanks to Beachbums for his effort (and whoever helped him) in designing the course and marking the results.  Thanks for your quick visit Beachy, it didn't go un-noticed.

The campfire at BBQ's place was cranked up early, so we all huddled around that and talked about lots and learnt lots.  All I'll say about the quiz is that the other team won.  Congratulations to Wozza and his GQ team.  ET's obviously still got GQ in his blood, coz the questions were soooooooo hard.  ET managed to snag the casting competition too!  If anybody wants to learn how to cast, he's your man  ;D

Some early birds did a dry run of the Nav Run on Sunday morning, while others did their thing.  We were woken up by laughing Kookaburras and singing magpies, complimented by a light sprinkle of misty rain.

If I've forgotten anybody who did anything in anyway to make the weekend a success, please accept this as our thanks.

On a personal note... it was well worth the 600km round trip for me to meet more WPC members.

If anybody wants to add more, feel free to do so.  I've added the link to peoples' comments.  Gee ya gotta be quick.  I wasn't even home and most people told of the great weekend they had.  


Take care out there.

DX grunt
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