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Author Topic: Wednesday Wander with Beachbums and Brisey  (Read 8247 times)

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Wednesday Wander with Beachbums and Brisey
« on: 31 August, 2011, 09:29:58 PM »
Trip Report:

The preamble:

For those who don't know this already, I have a tendency to be late, at the WPC this means Trip Report duty. As I was racing towards Pinjarra a thought crossed my mind, if I don't show up, then I can't be last to arrive....and won't have the Trip Report. Nahh....miss a day like this one, not a chance. On a personal aside, I know I am usually late, although as an optimist I am sure I "can make up some time". The only problem is that my new GPS thingy pre-announces how late I will be as soon as I get in the car - and it is accurate to the minute! This thing nags worse than the ball and chain.

The participants:

A 6 car show (which I think is great midweek), Beachbums, Brisey, The Flying Badger, SPN WRC, O.E. and Grover.

The location:

A track somewhere which we thought was in Pinjarra or Waroona, although was ultimately closer to Harvey. The track itself took us nowhere, but it was a Wednesday off work, so nowhere quickly became somewhere. The track from somewhere took us nowhere, at which stage we again realised we were somewhere better than at work. Somewhere assumed the location of Hoffmans Mill for lunch. Even armed with this knowledge it was our third attempt to get out of Hoffmans Mill before we found a track which most definitely would lead somewhere in the general direction of nowhere, which was precisely where we were headed.

Seriously - various tracks around the Harvey River, in the vicinity of Logue Brook Road, Driver Road, Nanga Road and Clarke Road.

What did we see:

- Muddy hills that had us thinking hard, even the odd recovery,
- Water crossings,
- Tight tracks that were full of tight obstacles (the evil ones amongst us conspired to create a night nav run),
- Holes big enough to scare most of us (except Beachbums who masterfully navigated his truck up a very tough climb),
- Mud, mud, mud, then a hot day. This tends to bake the clay in uneven clumps on the wheels; this had a couple of GU's vibrating home, with an emergency stoop to clear the wheels of this unnecessary ballast,
- Disciplined break times - lunch is a mere distraction before getting back to the tracks (I favour keeping lunch to 10 mins maximum - and I am serious),
- Having completed the Monday meander without a single U-turn, i am very pleased to say that the Wednesday Wander indeed included a few u-turns,

Quote of the day (if not year):

SPN WRC: When faced with the question: "shall we try this difficult track". Answer: "We're not here to go f**k**g shopping".

A big thanks to Beachbums and Brisey for pulling this together - your knowledge of this area is legendary; your generous decision to lead the trip is truly appreciated by all who attended.


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