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Author Topic: Kids Xmas Party 14/12/11  (Read 7283 times)

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Kids Xmas Party 14/12/11
« on: 15 December, 2011, 12:00:56 PM »
Well it was my last day off work before taking a hard earned month off to look after the kids during the school hols. The day was going well until I got into work at 8am  and found out the bosses had decided they were going to do a stock take......... and guess what??? Yep I couldn't leave until it was completed.

So much to the relief of Ropes (even though I could have just stayed at home), got to the Garret Road Bridge Part over an hour late, that was me, the missus and sprogs.

Now I cant remember everyone who was there so apologies for that but my excuse is that it was dark (sort of, kinda, almost)......... the kiddies were no were to be seen, so I assumed that Lina's stern faced must have stunned them and Bevan cooked them up on what I can only describe as a gargantuan hot plate on wheels.

The missus and me sprogs enjoyed themselves very much, especially the flies and mozzies!!!!!! lol

Food was fantastic...... steak, snags, buns 'n' rolls and heaven forbid, can you believe..... SALAD.... yes salad, at a hard as nuts Patrol club meet, I was shocked but am sure none got eaten!!!!!!!

Well after a hearty meal, some chats and after the kids had worn them selves out, off we all trundled home.

Oh and I mustn't forget the drawn raffle that surely must have been rigged because I didn't win!! So thanks to Thomas for picking not just one but two terrible, terrible tickets - much appreciated mate.

A big thanks goes out to Lina and Bevan for the organising and also cooking of food stuffs - especially on their anniversary - superb job...... oh yeah Happy Anniversary by the way, I was to busy eating last night and forget to say.

And thanks to all the members that were able to make it.

Another thanks to TheFlyingBadger for finally handing over a membership pack, I was slightly disappointed that it didn't come in a white envelope but was still pretty happy with the poo coloured envelope that was supplied in its place.

Well that's enough dribble from me................. and if I don't see you before have a fantastic Christmas and a very Merry New Year and above all watch out for the idiots and stay safe............ see you at the next meeting.


Chunky Clunky  (there you go Doggy, we missed your manbag last night mate)


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