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Author Topic: Show us your Camper in Busselton  (Read 9060 times)

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Show us your Camper in Busselton
« on: 04 September, 2011, 08:52:38 PM »
As you can see, we were last to arrive-it must of been a Beachy trip as on the way into Busso, I went straight on instead of 'ziging'.

We were driving down the highway talking about the 'Badgers' to each other, and low and behold, they were the very next vehicle we flashed past.

The first thing we did when we got to town was fall over where the camp ground was!
We said hi to all and picked the site we were interested in.

Over the road to book in. Our tent in all it's glory in the photo.

Beers in hand and to the kitchen area.

WPC members present - Ukkiwi's,

Some members from Camping WA,

Some members from Myswag,

Some members from Ultimate forum.

We bbqed our steaks, everyone else disappeared-I don't know where!
Lots of conversation and sleep.

Saturday was a do what you want day. Most wanted to follow Beachy around!!

We went shoppi-walking round the shops, Jill bought a paper! We did coffee.

We went to Dunsborough, we did coffee.

We went to the lighthouse-it's still there!

We went to the Cafe at Bunker bay for a drink, it was 3.30 by now so we did beer and wine. I asked for a snack to go with said beverages, the nice lady told us they have cakes, we say ohh noo, I order a local beer. Another lady brings the drinks, I look at my bottle from Healesville(?), Vic, she was very apologetic, I say it's close enough-it was good. I ask her for a snack, she say they have cake, I say do you have chorizo or something, she say we have cheese, I say that would be brilliant, a platter I ask, she says OK- it was brilliant, what a surprise, it was delicious. We also watched the filming of a shot of the movie 'Drift'.

Back to the tent and get sorted for dinner.

A walk down the road-for some of us, others were more 'motor vated'. Food was delish here to, it took a while to order at the food bar, but the food nearly arrived at the table before I got back! Now that's service!!

A raffle for SIDS that raised around $130, adults prize a jacket, childrens prize chocolate-the winner wouldn't even sell us any!
(someone can put winners names up) WPC didn't win.

Desert/pudding menu wasn't very good so we went a little hungry!!

Back to the campground for more drinking and conversing until 0100.

Sunday saw us getting up to all but three packing up. Three staying for another night, Budds's being one.
We went for coffee where Beachy's happened to be, walked the Pier/Jetty, did fush 'n' chups, and came home.

UKKiwi, a little done by Walter!

(Forum name fixed.)


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Re: Show us your Camper in Busselton
« Reply #1 on: 16 September, 2011, 05:44:38 PM »
Supplied By Beachy.

Here's a copy of some pics that Offcampn-Andy took at Busselton. He got a pic of most of the 17 campertrailers that were there.

Could be a worthy addition to the trip reporty? ................. Oh PLU-OOO Where are you?

Cheers, Wayne

Heres a few pic's

First and second to arrive at the overflow park

the jetty that took us 5 years to see cos we had bob the dog with us on our last time we were here [:-)))]

Bri is an easy going teacher , where else can you take beer to class

canal rocks

reptile park , one of the better ones we have been to

Lollie time [:-)))] [:-)))] [:-)))]

a few get together beers n wines [:-)))] [:-)))] [:-)))] And then there was 3

Saturday night dinner

Canebrake pools

Last drinks [:-)))]

Lest We Forget



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