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Author Topic: Kulin Bush Races  (Read 8717 times)

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Kulin Bush Races
« on: 08 October, 2012, 10:23:31 PM »
We had good time.

We went down sat morning.
We got there 15 minutes before FOS and MOS-S was there later!
Beachbums's were there already.
A couple of drinks.
A few eats now and then.
A listen to a really good band sat night.
Little campfire.
Breetherlized on the corner after we left on sunday morning- 0.00.
Pleasant drive home, just in time for the last 30 laps of Bathurst.
A few Tin Horses.
A couple of horses running around-and around.
Other things to fill the time between.

We had a good time.

The Patrol MK 0.3

The venue

The view

A 'runner'

A batsman

An underarm bowler

A bit of a walk

The attractions

The vehicles



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Re: Kulin Bush Races
« Reply #1 on: 17 October, 2012, 10:11:36 AM »
Carrying on from UKiwis great trip report..........................

Hi All. We've been pretty busy but finally managed to up load some of the Zillion pics we took while we were at the Kulin Bush Races. We arrived at the Track and set up camp on the Thursday afternoon and it was already buzzing. After we were sorted out we headed into town for a slapup feed at the Kulin Pub. Great choice with very reasonable prices and really full plates[\:d/]

Next morning was pretty much a free day so we wandered around and checked out the TinHorse Highway for new additions from our last visit.Then headed off on a drive to Narrogin and checked out the scenery and wildflowers on the way. Back in camp later in the arvo for a few beers and then it was time for tea and check out the Mini Tin Horse racing. This was a blast and there are a few pics below of it. Then back to our camp for a few ales around the fire ( see a trend happening here?) [biggrin]

Next morning we were off to climb to the top of Jilakin Rock and I forgot again about the Geocache up here, have to grab it next time. Scenery was great and the view ofthe campsite made you realise that were really 4,287 proplr there. This is the highest attendance so far but I reckon next years will be bigger,

Back home for breakfast and then there was a memorial service for fallen servicemen and women at Camp Hart which is also on the Jilakin reserve. The mornings events started with a Gymkhana which was the traditional Barrel racing and Flags with a few fun events like and egg and spoon race and another one popping balloons. Just before lunch was the Opening Parade and a great display by a couple of young girls of Trick Riding, then we were into the afternoons race program. I picked all the horses wearing Green and came last each race! The girls fared better and had quite a few wins.
After the races finished there was when the Two Up game got under way. Also the two Bands fired up and the evening really got cranking. They have 2 areas for the bands, one for us oldies under the Marquee and another one away from the camps a bit that has a huge bonfire and lots of loud music for the younger ones. Great set up really.

We cruised back to camp and sat around the campfire for a few more drinks with the neighbours until the wee hours, Thanks to Ukiwi I didn;t fall into the fire when I dozed off [biggrin]

Next morning they have a recovery breakfast before the place starts to pack up and head out.

There was heaps of things for the Kiddiwinks in the free Kids area, face painting, petting zoo, crafts of various sorts, huge sandpit etc.

We had a ball and look forward to the next one.

Cheers, Wayne and Jan

Heaps of pics below that sort of follow the timeline....................


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Re: Kulin Bush Races
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Re: Kulin Bush Races
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Re: Kulin Bush Races
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Re: Kulin Bush Races
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Bit like being there, eh?


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