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Author Topic: Nerd (OziExplorer) arvo with Brisey  (Read 7232 times)

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Nerd (OziExplorer) arvo with Brisey
« on: 16 September, 2012, 08:37:32 PM »
So, because the local council decided to prune bushes in the freeway median about 15kms north of the turnoff to Brisey's and because this caused a major traffic jam..... I landed up  with the trip report. After travelling a half-day journey to get there I would have thought the other clubbies would be more considerate... but nooooo... I get the trip report ;)
I was only 20 mins late... ;)

I have to say that Brisey sure knows his stuff. It was a good informal discussion, but well organised.... complete with projector and screen in the back yard!

I had a 16GB thumb drive and just as well...

We all scored a few wins with "evaluation" maps flowing freely.

And then there were track logs by the hundred! I think Brisey quickly worked out it would be easier to just hand over all his logs than to try and find the few I was asking for ;)

Talking of tracks...
I believe our entrepid trips co-ordintaor was talking about a club "Holland Track" trip :)
We have enough trip logs to prove that the track exists, as well as a contact for some good food and a place to camp along the way... Now we just need a few days spare...

The other good thing to come of this trip was that Brisey has promised indicated he'll be doing one north of the river some time as well. Maybe I should have waited for that??  Nah.. this one was good fun :)
Maybe I can get a trip log to Brisey that covers this unfamiliar area north of the river that some of use call home...

Another good thing about this type of arvo is the way trip stories can flow... It's always fun recalling trips where someone else got bogged ;)
Did I say anything about the "Puddles" trip and Badger?? In fact we didn't even mention it..
But we did see a short video clip of Brisey getting himself waterlogged on that trip. I remember that one 'cos I was in the Jeep with him at the time. That all happened after Badger got rescued recovered, but that incident wasn't mentioned ;)
Then there was the sandy track that Brisey showed pictures of, that RobsGQ remembers as a mud slide...

As a side note, Budds confirmed he'll be first at Nanga Mill next Friday with the Taj Mahal in tow.. so no need to worry about not  being able to find him if you're going down that weekend. I understand he'll also have the WPC hammock hanging around somewhere ;) (http://westernpatrolclub.com/forum/general-discussion/wpc-banner)

Oh yeah.. we also spoke about OziExplorer ;)
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Re: Nerd (OziExplorer) arvo with Brisey
« Reply #1 on: 17 September, 2012, 06:59:57 AM »
And then there were track logs by the hundred! I think Brisey quickly worked out it would be easier to just hand over all his logs than to try and find the few I was asking for ;)

Yes it was a good afternoon with a few beers & mates, what could be better.

You didn't get all of my tracks only what was on that laptop.I still have a lot on the Hema as well.

I'll be doing the Holland track in a couple of weeks so I will have an updated track of it including cave hill & a couple of other spots in the area.




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