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Author Topic: Gnomesville 2014  (Read 4394 times)

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Gnomesville 2014
« on: 22 August, 2014, 12:21:13 AM »
Ok….so I should have known better, post a longish “we all wanna know” entry, and you end up with the trip report!

Leading up to the 2013 Gnomesville trip, I was still fairly certain someone was taking the proverbial out of me. A bunch of gnomes in the middle of nowhere….right. How wrong I was. Of course in 2013 they had suffered from something of a tsunami prior to our arrival; my goodness have they grown back with abundance. [Now those who have read my trip reports know that a square bracket tends to mean I am about to stray off onto a tangent; I couldn’t help but notice that since last year, Bunnings is now stocking a plentiful supply of gnomes, for $3.90 a piece. These little critters all have basically the same stout stature and pose and are starting to dominate Gnomesville….I do hope that the corporate behemoth behind Bunnings does not overtake the creativity of Gnomesville].

Before I delve into the details of the day, which I am now struggling to recall, I would like to make a personal observation. The WPC strives to be a family club (amongst many objectives), and this was a family trip. The 2013 run was the first time my son had been on a reasonably serious drive (and in 2013 we did take an adventurous path to Gnomesville). I was surprised that on our drive in 2014 he pointed out where we stopped for a break on the way in 2013, where the convoy stopped for a “hygiene” break and where we turned-off the main-road to head off-road…..I don’t know how a 4.5 year old can recall these things. That said; it drives home the value of family trips, the off-road WA lifestyle and making the effort to get out with the family. Gnomesville means something different to all of us; this will always be a special club event.

So my day commenced with complaints from the back seat that this year would be a 2WD as opposed to off-road access to Gnomesville. A chorus that would be repeated through the day. On the upside I was rather early to the arrival point in Yarloop, well second last.

As I recall we were about 9 cars at Yarloop (Bloggsy, Knoxy, Knoxy’s Guest(y), Bloomy, Beachy, [gee, you know why foreigners think we add a “y” to the end of our words] RobsGU, Beachbums, Grover, Grover’s parents in some form of soft-roader.…sorry if I missed someone. Needlessly to say, we over-ran the car-park and set-off something of a panic amongst the venerable volunteers.

Our guide was passionate about the Museum and I will say her style was at times quite amusing, if somewhat matronly [refer to my “we all wanna know” entry where I intimate this person had some similarities to a club member….]. I do wish I had the chance to listen more (but a 4.5 year old did not have the patience); it is a very interesting piece of history to study the development of our fine State.

Finally, after 90mins, we got to the working Steam Engines….kids big and small could finally relax and have some fun.

We were blessed by good weather, and the drive to Donnybrook for lunch was idyllic. At some stage Beachy called on the radio for interest in buying fresh fruit at a road-side stall…..I guess we are one of those red meat eating types of club as nobody found a need to stop for those green things.

That playground in Donnybrook was quite a surprise……9 cars, 7 of them off to the nearest café for coffee; myself and Bloggsy in for the long-haul with the kids. Needless to say fun had by all. [post-script: went back yesterday on the way back form Margaret River / Pemberton – top place to let the kids run wild for an hour or so – while the driver sleeps for an hour or so – before tackling the drive back to Perth].

Final instalment of the day was a run to Gnomesville, where we picked up Doc Evil. Our little gnomes were still there and we added some more. [Pictures should be attached].

……remember the earlier chorus in the back of my car…..now developed to a “Beachy get us off-road” song. Well we got our feet a little wet and dirty on the way back; didn’t really need the stubby lever to be engaged (although prudence meant it was). Importantly, the passenger was thrilled and then slept all of the way home.

What’s left to say? It was an enjoyable family day – thank you to the Club for sponsoring the cost – something we can all be proud to support – and a personal thanks from my family.


………..the “we all wanna know” article which earned me the trip report:

It is rare that I am not last to arrive to a club trip….thus receiving the dubious honour of the trip report…..I am pleased to say that I was rather early for Gnomesville 2014. That said, as no trip report has been proffered, I will at least make a few observations:

-   Thank you to Beachy for running the day (note to Beachy; the almost 5 year-old in the back seat of my car has created a song along the lines of “Beach Bums, oh Beach Bums, when will you get us off road”. Thank goodness you at least took us home on some gravel. The spooky thing here…..he pointed out the actual turn-off we took last year to go off-road, given my navigation skills are cr*p, I’ll keep him as a passenger.

-   The Gnomes are still there! Pictures will be posted, but our little ceramic friends are still huddled together. Our clan has grown…by at least one (which we named this year, to make sure he does not wander from the family).

-   The playground was a huge hit, although the aforementioned almost 5 year old did not understand why the adults didn’t play…….

-   The steam museum was good fun, I must say I tried to go there once before and it was closed, this betrays the fact that I am a bit of a nerd for history etc. I will say that out guide was an absolute font of knowledge…..albeit overly concerned with dust gathering on the exhibits……..the lifestyle of the modern retiree! She did remind me of a club member, at this point I will invoke my right to silence, nothing will get me to name the member in question.

Finally, a thank you to the Club for sponsoring the event, a good family day enjoyed by all.

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Re: Gnomesville 2014
« Reply #1 on: 11 September, 2014, 02:10:05 PM »
A few more photos from the day.


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Re: Gnomesville 2014
« Reply #2 on: 12 September, 2014, 06:31:21 PM »
nice camera work


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