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Author Topic: Easter 2016 - Denmark - Day Trip with Albany 4WD Club - Trip Report  (Read 2529 times)

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So after months of planning and changes the trip to West Cape Howe was about to begin. We had changed the destination to the other side of Albany as fires had been set in the WCH national park, but were notified that the park was open and the trip could now go ahead as originally planned.
Just after 0830 seven intrepid clubbies and two guests left the caravan park and after a leasurley drive on the bitumen, including three river crossings, all over bridges on the main Highway, arrived at Youngs Siding to meet the Albany contingent. A short driver meeting was held and many pieces of paper were signed and co-signed so that all participants were cross registered with both clubs. As it was posted on the DPAW website that West Cape Howe was open, we headed out via Cosy Corner for a pit stop. I also took the opportunity to replace a blown fuse which got my lights going again. Happy Days.
With all bladders empty and all fuses replaced, we headed up to Shelley Beach car park to air down to find that West Cape Howe was in fact closed to traffic, with the gate firmly shut to make sure the point was understood. It was now too late to head over to Cheynes, the first alternative offered, so we all sat around while Albany trip leader and club president had a look at a creek crossing that lead to the beach. In the interim "Ropes" entertained us with some drone flying and random photograpy. At last the Albany scouting party returned and pronounced the track Ok, so off we went again, minus three who decided the alternate was not what they were expecting.
After a short run on 1) gravel road 2) hard sand track 3) creek crossing, and a bit more sand, we arrived on the western end of Mutton Bird Beach where we aired down. Albany members advised that it was very soft and I was told to air down to at least 15psi. I went down to 20 and that felt OK so I left it there. We drove off in single file along the beach with no issues apart from the leader (Albany) getting stuck. With a little bit of advice from all participants, some of it out loud, he soon aired down a bit more and we all continued off what was now a fairly crowded beach to a lookout where we stopped for lunch. "Ropes" again entertained with the drone, while the rest of us just looked at the scenery.
After lunch all mounted up and headed towards Albany along the windmills track. This track was on compacted sand and was interesting to drive, but with the rain that had compacted the sand and still being aired down to beach conditions, held no dramas. All stopped under one of the windmills and took photos of the cars, then moved on towards Albany. We all arrived at the track end and called the trip completed at 2pm. Some clubbies then headed back to Denmark, while a few of us headed on a second trip into Albany for ice cream.
Summary; A good day out with the Albany club. Nothing too challenging and no vehicles broken. Total breakages for the day, one fuse in my light and a bent number plate for UKkiwi.
Ill get some pics up later and hopefully some others will also.


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Re: Easter 2016 - Denmark - Day Trip with Albany 4WD Club - Trip Report
« Reply #1 on: 29 March, 2016, 04:02:53 PM »
Assembling at the Riverbank caravan park

At the carpark at West cape Howe

Mutton bird beach from the lookout

Mutton Bird Island

The windmills track

All lined up under a wind generator

Nearly the end of my trip.

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Re: Easter 2016 - Denmark - Day Trip with Albany 4WD Club - Trip Report
« Reply #2 on: 29 March, 2016, 05:58:10 PM »
It was a good meander.
Many thanks to the Albany 4wd club.
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Re: Easter 2016 - Denmark - Day Trip with Albany 4WD Club - Trip Report
« Reply #3 on: 29 March, 2016, 08:44:04 PM »
Yes good day trip and thanks to Tony and the Albany 4wd club


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