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Author Topic: WPC Novelty Gymkhana and Learning Weekend 2016  (Read 2205 times)

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WPC Novelty Gymkhana and Learning Weekend 2016
« on: 09 March, 2016, 11:13:38 AM »
Well the Gymkhana has been run and won (FINALLY). Here is the tale of the weekend.

The weekend commenced for some of us at 0915 Friday 04 Mar 16 as Budds and Shorty (Dave & Rina) met up at the Caltex south of Byford and made our way south. We made good time cruising along at about 90 - 95 kmh, we passed through Yarloop on the way and the news footage only gives you a slight appreciation of the devastation caused. It was good to see that the regrowth has started already.

We continued south and arrived on the out skirts of Donnybrook to be confronted with roadwork's that saw us sitting in a cue for 30 - 45 minutes. We finally arrived in Donnybrook and stopped for coffee and to pick up a PVC pipe for the games. After our coffee we headed for Grimwade arriving at our campsite (on the airstrip) at around 1230. After setting up we cleared out the dust with a cleansing ale at around 1530.

At 1600ish DavesGQ (Dave & Ruth) arrived and setup their camper before we all got together for a little chat before dinner. After dinner we all sat around and told tall stories before wandering off to bed around 2200.

Saturday saw the three sites brewing coffee and making breakfast before Shorty headed into Donnybrook to buy a battery charger as he forgot his charging cable to connect the battery box to the solar panel, so we hooked it up to the generator. Shorty arrived back at camp around 1130 along with AB (Andrew) and Superjac (John & Lesley). After John & Lesley had setup DavesGQ gave a presentation of Snatch strap recoveries which became an interactive discussion amongst the members. After a short break we all got back together and Budds took everyone through the trip leaders guidelines. This concluded the days activities and we commenced preparing dinner.

Rina prepared a Massaman Curry from scratch in the Dreampot and John and Lesley made marinated chicken wings and fried rice. Which they shared with all. After dinner we all sat around talking with the occasional viewing of the that rare animal Australis Nocturnus Bogunus (Circle work Hoons). The sky was clear and the abundance of stars made for a wonderful evening in good company with fellow 4WD enthusiasts.

Sunday saw us all up and about by 0730 I went off and started setting up for the Gymkhana before sitting everyone down for the quiz. On completion we got into the events and saw some interesting ways of shooting b'ball in the bush as well as watching so pretty good teamwork to get the golf ball in the hols during the Patrol Golf. These two events were followed by the Egg & Spoon Challenge which everyone had a clean round (wasn't hard enough) before we moved onto the last event of Blind Mans Bluff, this took some out of their comfort zones as they negotiated some woodchip piles and followed a course before having to back into an area. We then stopped for lunch around 1330 before redoing the B'Ball and golf. We finished up the day collection in all the gear before settling down for a well earned beverage.

Rina, John & Lesley then brought out all the left overs of curry, chicken wings, fried rice and John made his flat bread what a delight that was as we all sat around stuffed and chatting. I finally broke the suspense and announced that the winners were Shorty (Dave & Rina0, which was pretty good considering Rina had never driven the Shorty before this weekend.

Monday saw us slow time break camp, AB left early as the rest of us packed our campers before hitting the road about 1000. We the stopped in Donnybrook for coffee before heading home. DavesGQ left us in Harvey and Superjacs peeled off at Lakes road.

The trip was a great weekend with plenty of laughs and fun spent with like minded club members enjoying the great out doors.

Thank You's
Dave & Rina for keeping me fed I took all my food back home (Awesome)
Dave & Ruth for taking the time at short notice to give a Snatch Strap presentation
John & Lesley also for keeping me fed
Andrew for coming along and competing (even though he had to have another team help him during the Gymkhana) great sportsmanship.

To all of you for taking the time to come out and see what this event is all about and I now hope that with all new faces at this event we may get some more at next years.

I had a great time and hope that everyone that came along did too.
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Re: WPC Novelty Gymkhana and Learning Weekend 2016
« Reply #1 on: 09 March, 2016, 05:28:33 PM »
Sounds like it was a good weekend  ;D , too bad I was on nightshift :(
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