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Author Topic: Whitehills/Preston Beach Day Run - 19 Jan 2020  (Read 241 times)

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Whitehills/Preston Beach Day Run - 19 Jan 2020
« on: 23 February, 2020, 02:28:40 AM »
Scrolling through the forum, I noticed that no one did a trip report for the Whitehills/Preston Beach run we did in January. Since it was the first run for the 2020 year, I thought while sitting here at work (working of course  ;)) I would do up a quick little recap.

It was a nice hot sunny Sunday, where we woke up early and headed down to meet everyone at Miami Bake House Falcon. Being delusional from working the night before and running on no sleep, I miss read the time to meet and we ended up getting there an hour early.  But that was ok, Kinang was already there waiting, having his pie and ice coffee.  Coming on his first run, we met Nick who owns a white GQ.  We were standing around shooting the breeze (and stocking up on baked good for the car ride), AB pulls in and we are ready to go.

SteveNDee were tail end charlie - having never done it before, we decided to give it a go. I'm pretty sure we didn't do a very good job  :o
We pulled off the main road into Whitehills Road, drove a little and stopped on the limestone under a couple of trees where we deflated the tyres and AB managed to pick up blue cooler box treasure destined for the rubbish pile. We chucked it in the back of AB's ute and started off towards the beach.

Cruising down the beach towards Preston, we were making great time.  Kinang was flying down the beach in shorty - seeing what it could do, having never driven it on the beach before......shorty was a natural at beach driving  ;D

We decided to pull up in front of a nice clear piece of water for a leg stretch and morning snacks.  Mini SteveNDee had a little paddle in the water, while AB pulled up and did a great Baywatch run into the ocean.  ;D

After cooling down in the sea, we headed off again and continued our trek to Preston.

After awhile, we all pulled into the carpark at Preston Beach for lunch and toilet break.  We chatted to a few other Nissan owners in the carpark, had a sandwich or two, before heading back down the beach towards home.

Shorty was leaving us for dead as he zoomed off up the beach.  Mr SteveNDee decided to do some precision driving off the tracks. Mini SteveNDee thought it was great fun, calling out for more.  Mrs SteveNDee was not impressed  >:(
Unfortunately though, Nick had to stop a couple of times due to his GQ overheating.  This gave AB time to do another Baywatch run into the ocean and Mini SteveNDee do some shell collecting.

After doing some modifications on Nicks GQ,(not sure what, the bonnet was up and all the boys were standing around looking at the engine  :o)  we were off again and made it back to Whitehills road, where we parked under the trees again and pumped the tyres up.

When all tyres were pumped, we bid our farewells and headed off on our separate ways, having had a great day out.


(Photos can be seen on the Facebook and Instagram page  :))
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Re: Whitehills/Preston Beach Day Run - 19 Jan 2020
« Reply #1 on: 25 February, 2020, 02:02:01 PM »
Great read SteveNDee, thanks for sharing whilst you were busy at work lol
Getting out and about in nature is my happy place.


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