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Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2018

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Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2018
« on: 26 November, 2018, 06:18:54 AM »
Ok so I know its a wee bit late but anyway!!

So we had 4 vehicles attend the KDR this year, Ropes& Jackson, Kinang, Jonesy & myself.
So on the Thursday morning we all met at the lakes road house on GEH at around 10am ish topped up with fuel filled in the trip sheet & headed on our way! Managed to hit Kal by 3:30 ish & headed to Goldfields Offroad to get our radios installed, all but Kinang were successful as the techs struggled a little with the 24v. However this was rectified on the Friday night! So Thursday afternoon once we had our radios we all headed out to Lake Percolilli & set up camp, got a fire going & had a few beers before bed!

Friday we decided to go check out each of our assigned check points! This allowed us to drive sections of the track & do what we do in Patrols recover bogged landcruisers! I will let the others elaborate more on this!!

Saturday was a lazy start then out to our checkpoints for the first race by lunch time! Friday evening saw us finish dinner & have a few beers then the rains set in to turn our camp into a mud bath!!

Sunday was an early start on checkpoint for 05:30 for a 06:00 race start. Followed by the 2nd race after lunch.

Monday was another lazy start but we were all packed up & on the road headed for Coolgardie by 09:30 ish. At Coolgardie some of us topped up with fuel ready for our 2nd trip whilst Ropes & Jackson headed for Perth.

I would like to thank all of those that came & made it a great weekend!

The others can add in the bits I skipped over!!