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Long week end camp at Brrokton

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Long week end camp at Brrokton
« on: 18 October, 2018, 11:50:13 AM »
Sorry it is late in coming but here it is.

The trip started on Thursday lunch time with the picking up of the WPC Banner from Budds (who was working at the time).
Ken and Estelle were already set up at the property by the time we arrived.  The camp fire was lit and next to arrive in the dark was Bill STS and Lisa after a dash to Brookton after work.
Friday morning saw Ken, Bill and Superjac all playing with the boys’ toys (Archery and drones).
Thomas Tank and Mitchel arrived in the afternoon followed by Bill STS son Justin, Dman and Iffy and Jamie.  Bec arrived with Katie, Kristie and Tyler. Last to arrive on Friday was Colin, Lorraine, Katherine and Angel in the cruiser (Col says if they glamping then bring on the glamping car (cruiser), also Poo spat the dummy and blew up on the way so Col left Lorraine and Katherine on the roadside with the camper trailer and returned home to change cars.
Many trips to the trees to collect the firewood for the weekend, along with most going out and driving the 4wd course.
Dman and Iffy tended the campfire until 2am Saturday morning, with neither looking on top form later that morning. The campfire was revived before the crack of dawn by Bill, who proceeded to cook Jamie a waffle of egg and hamburgers.
The communal meal started early with Bill making fruit damper for afternoon tea, which vanish very quickly and Justin making rum balls yummy.
Steph and Cass arrived with their 6 kids and set up.
We had a variety of food:
Fruit Damper – Bill STS
Rumballs – Justin
Chicken wings – Superjac
Haloumi and chorizo – Superjac
Bread and butter pudding – Thomas
Beef Curry and Poppadom’s – Ken
Irish stew – Iffy and Jamie
Apple Crumble – Iffy and Jamie
Apple and Rhubarb crumble with cream or ice cream – Kristy
Chicken Curry – Dman
Satay Chicken – Big Col
Nibbles and sausages – Thomas
Chicken Curry – Steph and Cass
Potato Bake – Bill STS
Cream garlic chicken and garlic bread – Bec andKristy

Sunday morning was misty and the fire was lit at 4:30am.  Ken was out early with his drone again, which crash landed into the top of a tree.

Lunch was damper by Bill STS, Estelle and Dman.

Currently the drone is 30ft (about 10 meters) up a tree and Ken, having tried numerus methods to   dislodge it, string tied to arrows (some are still next to the drone), catapult and stones and various pieces of wood, left the controller in the kitchen with a note saying whoever can get it down can have it.
Kids being kids had accidents – Jamie slipped over in the dam cutting her knee and Katie slipped over the grate at the back door of the kitchen injuring her knee and elbow, and Bill injuring his arm in drone retrieval.
People started leaving on the Monday as they had to work on Tuesday, those of us that didn’t, stayed on until Tuesday.
It was a leisurely pack up with the gates being shut at 12:30.  Iffy had just got home when he received a call of HELP.  John and I was about 30 Ks south of Karragullen when the rear passenger side wheel came off.  We had no phone reception only able to text.  John driving skills saved the day and the patrol and van swerved across the road and back again as the brake drum dug into the tarmac.  3 of the wheel studs had sheared off and the rim and tyre are lost in the bush.  Iaian took the TVan and me home leaving John at the Patrol awaiting the RAC to take them both to the mechanic in Rockingham.
2 calls to the insurance was met with a resounding NO when we asked for a claim number as the receptionist claimed that it was a maintenance matter.  John rang and insisted on speaking to the claims officer to get a claim number, which he got.  Photos, quote, drivers licence and police clearance were sent off and within 2 weeks the claim was paid and the Patrol was back on the road.

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Re: Long week end camp at Brrokton
« Reply #1 on: 18 October, 2018, 05:35:21 PM »
Crikey!  I’m glad that no-one was hurt during your wheel incident.
Time for me to re-read that post about wheel nut tensions.  Not that this was a cause in your case.