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Meet and greet 2018 trip report

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Meet and greet 2018 trip report
« on: 02 December, 2018, 04:15:26 PM »
Meet and greet 2018 trip report.

Well the day started out in glorious fashion. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, what a great time to be alive. We were up early, packed the shorty for the day’s event and we left our humble abode at about 0800 hrs. After a quick fuel stop we headed down the freeway towards Pinjarra for breakfast. At this point everything was sunshine lollypops until we turned onto Pinjarra-Williams Rd when the clouds started rolling in.
We arrived at the carpark opposite the Dwellingup Hotel at 0915 hrs to see all the Patrols lined up in usual fashion. As I got out of my vehicle Budds walked over to me smiling like a Cheshire cat and informed me that I was the last to arrive. DAMN Pinjarra bakery cost me the trip report but it was worth it.

After a bit of a chat Budds rallied the troops and gave his welcome speech and a bit of a rundown of what the day was going to entail. In attendance we had: Budds and Heidi, KINANG and Mrs Kinang with nephew Chaise, StevenDee and two kids, Evil Twin with Yogi and Possum, Thowe and Sara, Jonesy, 4bye4, Neville and Kylie (twin Trolls), Norm and Ivonne (Getabout), Gary and Flora (gazr56), Tom Sheaves (Sheavsey). ET was chosen to be tail end Charlie and then we mounted up and headed down Nanga Rd towards Lane Pool Reserve.

We got to the ranger station, paid our fees to enter lane Pool and drove down the road until we hit the gravel with some reminiscing about previous trips and certain gnarly hill climbs in the area. We then found a suitable area to pull over to air down and once everyone had done so we continued down the track winding our way through the pine trees. About a Km up the track Budds came over the radio and called for a right turn then the infamous “hold up guys…….. Let me just check my map”. Yup, U-turn…

After we all turned around with some friendly banter and jokes about Y62 undercarriages and not having to shave wheels (you had to be there) we got onto the right track and headed towards the murray river fire trail. Remember those clouds I told you about at start WELL as we hit the fire trail it started to rain. Apparently the rain was custom order for me because apparently I like mud (don’t know where people get that idea from)

We traversed the first few hours of the track quite easily and we stopped for a leg stretch and photo opportunities. when people were finished we headed off down the trail again. As we went further the rain just kept coming and ruts got bigger and the mud holes got deeper. At about the half way point we encountered a group of motorcycle riders of which the guy at the front probably needed a change of undies as he came flying around the corner and almost ran into budd’s bulbar. Toward the end of the track it started to get very overgrown and tight. There were some easy but challenging ruts and some really fun bog holes at the end.

After the track finished at about 1430 hrs, we circled the trolls next to the river at a place called muddy landing. The rain amazingly stopped as we pulled up and we got some awnings out and fired up the weber q for a sausage sizzle with our onions ON TOP of our sausages. We all chatted and told stories for the next hour and a half then we all packed up and drove towards south west highway, aired up and went our separate ways.

I would like to give a big thanks to Budds for organizing and running the trip and all the member who came. I would also like to thank the newbies that came along. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you at another event soon.


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Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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Pics from meet and greet 2018

Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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and more

Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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last lot  :)

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Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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Ladies and Gents,

I hope you had as much fun as I did. It was great to get out again and even better to do it with like minded individuals.

Thanks for the trip report Paul

Thanks for coming along and I hope to see you all again soon.

Budds & Heidi.
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Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
« Reply #6 on: 03 December, 2018, 05:39:12 AM »
Had a great day out, thanks to Budds and all who attended.

The showers kept the dust away so was quite enjoyable at the Tail actually.
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Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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Thanks Buds and the members for organising the day / trip
We had a great day and look forward to attending
future outings in the bush
Norm and Ivonne

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Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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Thanks to all that attended, we both had a great day, and even after a 15 min power wash stop on the way home, the car is still dirty haha.

Re: Meet and greet 2018 trip report
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Better posting late than never! Really enjoyed the drive and we felt very welcome. Looking forward to our next outing. Gary and Flora