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Budds - Easter at MHS

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Budds - Easter at MHS
« on: 22 April, 2017, 02:13:50 PM »
Well I ended up with the trip report because I forgot to announce a theme for this easter and didn't inform all parties that Saturday Night was the communal no Gas / Leccy cookup.

So here we go,

The intrepid Bunch
MR & MRS Superjacs (Wed)
Kinang & Tiala (Wed)
Ropes & Stokers Girl (Thu)
Knoxy, Lynn & Louise (Thu)
Budds & Heidi (Thu)
DavesGQ & Ruth (Thu)
Ukkiwi & Walterego (Thu)

I was unable to get away as planned on Wednesday, however Kinang and Tiala along with Superjacs and Mrs Superjacs made the haul to MHS and staked out our little empire known as 'Army Camp' (this incidentally is where Ozmerican, Rope and I camped the first time). I understand that after a long day of driving and setting up that this group had an early night.

Our trip started at 0500 on Thursday morning when I roused Heidi and our grandson Reif out of bed and hit the road, after a quick tank top up we hit the FWY calling Ropes to let him know we were moving. Ropes group (Ropes, Stokers Girl and Kiara, Knoxy, Lynnette and Louise) had just left Gingers and were heading up the Brand. Our trip was along the Indian Ocean Drive where we stopped at Jurien Bay for a bite of brekky. At this point we met up wit DavesGQ and Ruth. Whilst they had a bit of a stop we pushed on to see if we could catch up to Ropes however that was not to be the case. We arrived at the 440 and had a quick ice-cream before heading on to Northampton where we did a quick veg shop before making our way to MHS.

We arrived at MHS at approximately 1430 and commenced the setup process. This was completed and a tasty beverage was in hand by 1630. Greetings were exchanged all around and then we had a visit from Kim Epton and some of the guys from his trip, before settling in around the campfire for a few cleansing beverages and an early night after a long drive.

Friday saw our band slow awaken around 0700 with the smell of bacon and eggs cooking making this feel real. At about 0930 young Reif wanted to go for a swim and pretty soon we most of the group in the river, the water was great. After lunch Ropes lead a trip along the western tracks of MHS getting back to camp about 1600ish where we all had dinner and again sat around talking to our therapist (The Campfire). These evenings are great as the tales get taller as the the yawns get bigger.

Saturday was a slow start with everyone heading into Kalbarri for some last minute bit and pieces and some attended the Diesel and Dust Restaurant where Kinang accepted and beat the burger challenge in 11.03 minutes a new record (the man can eat). Well done Kinang. We headed back to camp and got the campfire going so that coals would be available for cooking. I fired up my choofer and started smoking my Pork Shoulder and roasting some veg. Dinner was set of 1830 and all the dishes were ready (Ropes & Stokers Girl - Beef & Red Wine Casserole, DavesGQ & Ruth - Lamb Ragoo, Kinang & Tiala - Roast Lamb, Mr & Mrs Superjacs - Sausage Casserdea, Knoxy & Lynn - Sticky Sweet Pork Ribs, Chris & Jill - Devilled Sausages and Budds & Heidi - Smoked Pork Shoulder with roasted vegan Dessert of Apple Crumble and Custard). I think all present would agree that this meal was fit for a king with not much being left over. I thank you all for taking the time to be involved in this communal get together.

Sunday saw everyone rise to various Easter Bunnys hopping around the camp making deposits at tent doors. DavesGQ rigged up his HiLift jack as winch demo, thanks for doing that Dave, before we all loaded up and headed east along the river for a lengthy drive. This drive was conducted in the finest traditions of the WPC with two turn arounds required and some additional bush pin striping before we arrived home. This trek covered varying terrain and the engagement of the stubby lever on several occasions. Thank you to Ropes for leading this little trek.

Monday saw Kinang, Ropes, Knoxy and Chris all pack up and head for home leaving the Superjacs, DavesGQ and Budds at camp. A quiet day was had sitting around camp doing some tidying up and some early pack up prep.

Tuesday saw DavesGQ and Ruth pack up and start the long trek home, leaving just two groups behind a quiet and early night was had by us with again some early pre-pack work going on.

Wednesday morning came and we begrudgingly packed up and hit the road at about 0945 after a shower at the homestead. we finally arrived home around 1830 after a wonderful few days in the bush we awesome friends for company.

I would like to thank everyone who attended and encourage you all to post up here if I missed anything along with your picture of the weekend. I hope you had as much fun attending as I did organising. Thanks peoples see ya next time.

Lest We Forget


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Re: Budds - Easter at MHS
« Reply #1 on: 22 April, 2017, 03:16:30 PM »
The blown diff burger challenge was completed in 11m 42.02s.

On behalf of tiala and myself i would like to thank budds for organising the trip and everyone who attended. It was absolutely amazing and we cant wait for the next big trip. We learned a lot on this trip and have a massive list of things we want for next time...

Thanks again

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Re: Budds - Easter at MHS
« Reply #2 on: 23 April, 2017, 10:24:52 AM »
A great weekend, and thanks to all for the enjoyable time away.

We had a great trip, and what was pleasing was each time we have taken the Cub Camper away we have carried out further refinements, and everything worked just as we wanted this trip. 

Replacing the 3-way fridge that came with it with a Waeco CF50 in the camper to supplement the 70L unit we run in the vehicle proved a great improvement, very efficient on power use.  The truck was able to keep both the batteries in the vehicle and camper charged and the fridges running while we travelled, and the combination of a small generator and a solar blanket kept everything working well over the weekend.

On the Friday Ruth and I set off early from camp and did some exploring on our own, stopping at the top of a steep track we came up with the group later in the day, and heading north along the boundary to see if there were any tracks that took you through to the ocean further north.  Our guess is you have to stay on the lower tracks to get access to the cliffs, as we could not find any other ways through.

A great first was I managed to get Ruth to drive back, something I have been encouraging her to do for a long time.  We met up with the other group as we returned and joined them for the rest of the afternoon.

Another first for Ruth was having a crack at cooking with a camp oven.  Having done the prep on one with multiple applications of oil and heating to 250 degrees to create a non-stick finish, she we agreeably surprised at the ease of how the whole process worked, and the meal it produced.  Left overs the following evening were even better than the night before. A great nosh on Saturday night with everyone chipping in.

We got some good photos and videos during the weekend, I had the GoPro running in the truck during some of the sections on the Sunday.  Happy to bring the computer along on Wednesday if anyone wants to see any of the footage.

A great location to camp and a great weekend overall.  All the pin striping from Sunday has polished out, so no remaining battle scars either!

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