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2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley

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2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« on: 05 June, 2017, 08:52:31 PM »
while awaiting Howezit doing the official Trip Report -
mainly because he broke camp and high tailed it out of there Sunday evening, before anyone could say
"great to have seen you again Graham, are you now leaving right NOW...............?"

I thought I would add a Piccie
and a couple of points for me to remember...............

1) your not 17 any more, and a Swag is for kids, not grown men

2) dont borrow a Swag from your 6'6" nephew - if he is built like a bean pole - and you are built like a bus

3) older style Swags were function before form - if you must get a Swag nowadays, get the best you can afford with PLENTY of room to sleep on your side

4) Gravity sucks, if the ground is sloping at 15*, maybe find something to level said ground out or you will wake up as a small ball at the base of your borrowed miniature Swag from sliding down hill

5) if you must insist on being in a Swag, get it on a Camp Bed or the freaking Table, not the ground
(having a sprained wrist for a weekend, because your too proud to tell anyone you slipped when trying to get onto the ground to get into your miniature Swag sucks bollocks)

6) Mike is a great cook, and if he is ever single, a great catch for someone

7) Budds is funny when regaling tails from when he was on the Ark (Aust Navy Subs) around a camp fire

8 ) the weekend was a complete and utter blast, my thanks to all that turned up - it really helped lift my spirits (and you also helped drink some of them)

9) Tracy is a great Nurse, Knoxy is a crappy patient

10) LOVE to go back for another one anytime....................................................

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Re: 2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« Reply #1 on: 06 June, 2017, 08:53:15 AM »
Aaah.. I got the trip report, did I?
My apologies for leaving in a rush.
I was fortunate to get there at all ;)
When I left home on Friday I had 1 "sick with a bad cold" wife.. one "sick with a bad cold" daughter.. and one "sick with a cold" 2-week-old grandchild.
If they'd found out I'd chosen to sit by the fire on Sunday night with a beer and then wake up to another crisp morning sunrise in the forest, rather than get my a**se home and help..... scary thoughts!
You're never too old to learn something stupid.

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Re: 2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« Reply #2 on: 06 June, 2017, 06:46:36 PM »
Looks like you all had a great time.
Its great to see the club supporting this event top job guys and gals.

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Re: 2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« Reply #3 on: 06 June, 2017, 08:28:45 PM »
I've been to a few of these now, and they're always good fun!
It's great to get so close to the action without having to pay :)

In fact this time the organizers even arranged for someone to come round at morning tea time, hunting the marshals down, to hand over home made cakes!
This was followed by burger and chips for lunch on Saturday and a massive spud for lunch on Sunday.
All good :)

There were 8 courses setup throughout the forest.
The few of us from the WPC together a few other folks were split into two or three man teams to marshal these 8 tracks... and you kinda stayed on your course for the day.
So, the only downside to all of this, was that you didn't get to see all the tracks.. just the one you were marshaling.. and maybe bits of the one next door.

Those drivers try so hard, I sometimes felt guilty penalizing them.
Oh OK.. I lie.. There was no guilt.. it was fun!
And, from what I heard, Knoxy was a real "bunting gestapo".. no eyes "turned the other way" if your paintwork touched the bunting!

Talking of "eyes turned the other way".. I'm not sure where Knoxy was looking when he incurred some damage from contact with a tree.
He'll surely be the bearer of nice souvenir scar for him to remember the weekend by.

And then.. talking of paintwork.. some has definitely been left in the forest.
I'll leave the relevant witnesses to document their own stories.
I know that Mike can recount the story of a pink vehicle that just didn't want to stay on it's wheels, no matter how many times he was righted..
And then there's the infamous green Patrol that went ar**e over ear to land up on it's side.. complete with small fire in the cab.
And the white Patrol that pushed it's centre of gravity till it gave up and landed on it's side...
And the blue buggy / rock crawler that decided more right pedal would alleviate the need for winching.. only to find the resultant momentum carried the nose up and over the roof.. bringing said blue buggy to rest on it's head...
And then there was the buggy / rock crawler that lost it's left front wheel only a matter of 2 or 3 meters from the end of the track.

So many lovely memories.. :) :) :)

So many interesting recoveries going on all over the show!
Snatch blocks.. chains.. winches.. all the toys were out..

And those were only the ones I saw on or about tracks 6, 7 and 8...

And then there were the countless stories of trees being disdainfully mowed over in the interest of vehicular progress.

And then there was the odd tree that refused to give in (at least initially), retaliating with it's own offering of panel damage...
Oh yes.. many were the utterances by a marshal along the lines of "I'm glad that wasn't my truck!".

Did I say it's always fun being at these comps?

The fact that this comp was held in a forest was good in that it was very, very scenic..
And bad 'cos it was friggin' cold at night and first thing in the mornings.
A little rain on Friday night and during the day on Saturday kept those with campers and gazebos wondering whether they'd be packing up wet canvas when they left for home.
But fortunately Sunday was dry.. as was Sunday night.
But, from what I gather, there would have been some wet canvas (purely from the cold) to contend with on Monday morning for those that stayed overnight on Sunday.

As highlighted by dear Col above, I cannot comment personally about Sunday night or Monday morning.. I was gone soon after close of business on Sunday..!
But I know Tracey put up a facebook post with a pic of the campsite on Monday morning.. well the bit that wasn't cloaked in mist anyway..

But I digress..
Back to the point.. the comp...

Ahh.. I've covered that already..
Did I say it was fun?

It always makes me proud to be part of the WPC when a few of us rock up together and make ourselves helpful at events like this!
You're never too old to learn something stupid.

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Re: 2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« Reply #4 on: 06 June, 2017, 08:36:00 PM »
Great read, sounds like a good weekend.  Sorry we weren't free to come down.

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Re: 2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« Reply #5 on: 24 July, 2017, 09:58:15 AM »
A link to Ronny Dahl's 4WDing in WA video


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Re: 2017 Rock & Ruts Rumble in the Valley
« Reply #6 on: 24 July, 2017, 11:30:15 AM »
You're never too old to learn something stupid.