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Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2019

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Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2019
« on: 07 March, 2019, 01:57:27 PM »

What: Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2019

Where: Kalgoorlie International Speedway and Surrounds

When: 25th - 27th October 2019

Who: Everyone

Trip Leader: Ropes

1 - Relatively Easy (Beginners)
2 - Moderate to Easy
3 - Moderate
4 - Moderate to Serious
5 - Serious and Endurance

Rating out of 5 will be?: 1 on the way there (black track) 2-4 to reach position.

Distance: 1500km approx. round trip

The Kalgoorlie Desert Race was known as the Kalgoorlie 400 which had been part of the WAORC and a national round. This year's race will be Round 6 of the WAORC. It will be held over 3 days consisting of Bikes, Quads, Buggies, Trophy Trucks and Side by Sides. The race course is over 150km long with at least 13 checkpoints. It was built in 2018. Some of the checkpoints are also controlled passages over main roads. We may also need additional recovery vehicles due to the extended track! This is to be confirmed.

Roles to be filled:

Checkpoint Controllers
Duties of checkpoint controllers (no experience required!):
• Record the vehicles as they come past the checkpoint
• Crowd control to prevent spectators from getting too close or crossing the live race track
• Report to base which vehicles have come through when required
• Control traffic as required
• Inform Race Control if vehicles have not gone through the checkpoints or if there are any other incidents that could affect the safety of drivers, spectators and officials
• May need to provide some assistance to drivers if recovery teams are too far away
• Keep public traffic off the race track

Recovery/Sweep Drivers (to be confirmed!)

Duties of recovery teams (experience in recovery preferred):
• Recover any competitors which may include rolling the vehicle back on its wheels and dragging it back to the Pits
• Coordinate between recovery teams and Race Control
• Escort competitors off the track and back to the Pit area
• Roam between checkpoints when required

About checkpoints:
Some checkpoints are quite isolated where you'll be the only ones there unless the recovery teams come past while others will have spectators and traffic control. Isolated checkpoints will require at least 2 people while the busier checkpoints will require at least 4 people.
Check Point radios will be installed on arrival or the earliest opportunity by Goldfields Off Road

As this is a CAMS event it is advisable to become a CAMS Accredited Official
Follow this link to become one, it’s free

Car Limit: No limit

Dog Friendly: No

Meeting Point: TBC

Meeting time: TBC

Comms: UHF channel 20

What To Bring:

• Food for the duration
• Water
• Hat & Sunscreen
• Fly cream or other fly deterrent
• Camper trailer, tent, swag
• You will need to be fully self sustaining

As for last year, I expect for us to camp out at Lake Perkolilli, this provides us with the best vantage point for access to the remote check points.

Contact: Ropes

Disclaimer: "Neither the Western Patrol Club Inc. nor Craig Roper (Ropes) accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property arising from participating in this trip, howsoever caused. While all due care will be taken, no responsibility will be accepted. If you act inappropriately while on this trip, you will be asked to leave."

Please post here if you are interested in Volunteering for this event.


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