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2022 Club Trip Reports / Re: ANNUAL CAMP OVEN COOK UP WEEKEND - 3rd - 6th June 2022
« Last post by L300 on 08 June, 2022, 01:41:29 PM »
Few more
2022 Club Trip Reports / Re: ANNUAL CAMP OVEN COOK UP WEEKEND - 3rd - 6th June 2022
« Last post by L300 on 08 June, 2022, 01:38:36 PM »
Got some pics but need to resize more
2022 Club Trip Reports / ANNUAL CAMP OVEN COOK UP WEEKEND - 3rd - 6th June 2022
« Last post by SteveNDee on 07 June, 2022, 09:57:22 AM »
This is our first Camp Oven Cook Up weekend, and we had a great time!

We packed up the camper on Friday, hooked the car up and made our way up Great Northern Hwy towards Mogumber.
We made the right turn off, but unfortunately the stupid map, told us to turn into the wrong driveway. After going into the gate and down the driveway we saw a homestead and thought 'someone is going to come out and shoot us!' so we made a quick uturn and headed back to the road, where we then tired to ring every number we had to get through to someone to come and get us!

Thankfully, Tim came through with the Google Maps coordinates (I have no switched to Google Maps and deleted the other stupid one!) and while we were following that, L300 gave us a call and put us in the right direction. As we headed back down the road towards to the right driverway, we could see lights in the distance. We were on the right track! On channel 20 we heard the sweet voice of L300. Yah we found it!  Thanks to L300 and friend for opening and shutting all the gates for us, we were followed along and saw our spot where everyone was sitting around the campfire.

After we found a spot to pull up, we unhitched the camper and proceeded to set up. We made our way over to the fire to say hi and get a little warmer, before calling it a night and heading to bed.

Up bring and early Saturday morning gave us a whole new view of where we were camped. Beautiful green paddocks.
We made breakfast and then everyone made their way around to check out everyones camper set up. It was great to see all the different campers.

The rest of the day was spent talking and walking around. The boys went and got some wood stocked for the fire, we had lunch and just wasted time.  Tim and Sara and the Kinangs arrived in the afternoon.

We took a walk up the hill to get reception and catch up on the world, before coming back down where everyone was starting the cooking process for dinner.

There were camp ovens , chooffas and smokers. Everyone ate dinner and even had dessert. There were casseroles and curries, roast meats and potatoes, potato bake and more, apple crumble and upside cake.  What I was able to eat tasted great!

After dinner and clean up, everyone proceeded to sit around the campfire and talk until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning saw us get up and make breakfast before alot of campers decided to rise. We ate and packed up the camper, before heading off just before 10am.
We missed the Gymkhana but had a great time anyway!

Thank you to L300 for letting us stay on his families property, and to Budds for organsing yet another great event for the year.
I didnt take any photos, so please feel to add some!

We headed down the freeway towards Dwellingup, where we were met with WPC Members, Quad Drive Members and Guests. After waiting for everyone to get a coffee from the Tourist Centre and have a chat, Matt & Dee did introductions from each Club.
Matt from Quad Drive was nominated Trip Leader for the day, even if he did drive a Land Cruiser!  ;)
We also, had Matt from Westralian Offroad join us on the trek.

We left the Carpark and headed off down towards the Captain Fawcett turn off. Trying to fit 17 4WD's on the side of the track to air down was a feat in itself, but we did it, and after everyone was ready to go, we headed off.

We found a mud hole that some members just had to try and get through. So we stopped and let those who wished to tackle the hole do so, while the rest of us took photos! The others of us, just went through the teeny tiny mud track  :P

After everyone had had their mud hole fun, we kept along the track and found a great open space next to the river where we all pulled up for lunch and stretch of the legs. Kids got to play in the water and puppies got to play with sticks.  Everyone mingled and chatted.
After about an hour, we packed up and headed off towards the finish.

We had been blessed with weather until the last hour, where the rain settled in.  We found another great spot to pull up for a quick look around and then headed to the road, where we pulled over and aired up in the rain.

For those that needed to leave to go home, turned left, for those that went to the Quindanning pub went straight ahead.

It was a huge day and we would like to that the Members from Quad Drive for coming out with us. Interclub events are a great idea and we hope to see more come up soon.

Photos to come.
If anyone has anything to add please do.
2022 Club Trip Reports / LUNCH AT THE PUB - Social Event - Sun 3rd April 2022
« Last post by SteveNDee on 07 June, 2022, 09:14:06 AM »
We headed to Kings Road Brewery with empty bellies and left full to the brim! We arrived and found our table, ordered lunch and of course had to have the first Ginger Beer of the day!
It was a great afternoon spent with Club members and family.
Thank you to everyone who came along.
2022 Club Trip Reports / MUNDAL TRACK BACKWARDS & LUNCH - Sun 13th March 2022
« Last post by SteveNDee on 07 June, 2022, 09:11:29 AM »
It was a great start to the day, as we headed to the meeeting spot. As we arrived we were greeted with a great range of club members and guests.

We did the run down and introductions, then headed off down the road to the turn off. As we turned off and started treking along the track, we discovered that we should of done that reccy we were going to do the week before, which would have a great idea, as we discovered you can no longer go along the Jarrahdale Rail Lines track any more. It has been blocked off with concrete bollards.  So after looking at the map and deciding that we need to travel a little further to another track, we conducted the first Uturn of the day.

We have to give it to the Jarrahdale Serpentine Council, we had a visit from the Ranger as soon as we hit the track to tell us the same thing that we discovered.

So we did a quick turn, and headed back on the road and found another track to take. As we headed down that track, weaving in and out of the bush, we learnt that people are pigs! The amount of rubbish around the bush was so bad you would need to take trailers in there to get it all out. This is what closes down tracks.  :-[

We did a few leader swaps as we tried to make our way out of Jarrahdale towards Albany Hwy.

We got a little lost so we had to change tactics and can the drive to Mundaring Weir Hotel, as we wouldnt have made it for lunch, and instead headed towards the Elizabethan Hotel.
We said goodbye to a few members/guests on the way and then had a great lunch at the pub.

Thank you everyone who can along.
If anyone has any photos, please post them up.
It was a sunny day as we headed to Drakesbrook Weir for a Club Family Picnic Day and General Meeting.
The BBQ's were fired up for the classic sausage sizzle, as we mingled and talked. We got to meet Ryno, a new WPC member and Anders.
After everyone had a snag or 2 we proceeded with the meeting.

Everyone came and went and it was a great way to spend a Sunday arvo.

If anyone has any photos from the day or would like to add anything to the trip, please post below.
2022 Club Trip Reports / WILBINGA EXPLORE - Sunday 9th January 2022
« Last post by SteveNDee on 07 June, 2022, 08:56:16 AM »
Our first trip for 2022.

If anyone has anything to add, please pop it down below.
2019 Club Trip Reports / Re: Canning Stock Route
« Last post by Howezit on 16 March, 2022, 04:46:20 PM »
The trip that keeps on giving :)
We detoured down Gary Junction Highway to refuel at Kiwirrkurra, because Kunawarritji had run out.
This shot was taken down that road, and it's living on in the latest Western 4WDriver magazine  8)
2021 Club Trip Reports / NIGHT BEACH RUN & FISH - Wed 29th Dec 2021
« Last post by SteveNDee on 08 February, 2022, 11:18:28 AM »
After spending the day looking around for bait (we finally found some), we packed up the cars and headed down to meet everyone at BP Southbound. On the way though, we realised that we forgot the bait that we spent the day looking for (still in the freezer!) so we were hoping that the BP had some.

And yes they did!! So we bought up the bait, waited for the others to arrive, before heading off for Whitehills.

We aired down at the usual spot on Whitehills Road, then headed to the beach.

A little bit bumping along the sand, but we managed to find a good spot to pull up and set up.
People set up their tables and chairs, their BabyQ’s and started dinner, and of course, everyone was baiting up their rods.

It was a little breezy but that didn’t stop the swimming (the water was very warm) or playing on the beach.

People came and go as they please, with the last of us packing up and heading back to Whitehills Road to air up around 10pm.

After airing up, we headed home. We stopped past the Car Wash on the way home and hydro’d both cars and the dog before getting home, unpacking, showering and finally falling into bed around 2am.

While no fish were caught, we had a great time just chilling out.
Thanks to the members who came down and hung out.

We are definitely going to be organising another one in 2022.

(No pictures - sorry. You had to be there!!  ;))

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